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 Change Status

home => at home
eating => is eating
resting => is sleeping


Serch by Companies => Search by Company
Search by Schools => Search by School
Search by Places => Search by Place

Homes and Leisure => Addresses
requests => queries


Only my high school СПбГУ => Only СПбГУ

Who you can invite => Who can I invite?

to be continued

 Maybe "is at home", "is at a party" and so on - in order to compose a complete sentence from name and status?

 New Album

name: => Name:
description: => Description:
Allowed to view: => Visible to:

Create an Album => Create Album

Можно список тех, кто конкретно переводил какую страницу?

Алексей Богатов

 How about the unification of the way you treat articles?
Join Group
Leave Group

but while viewing photos:
Back to Album
Back to the Group

+1. I'd leave out articles when it concerns buttons or other action titles.

 Back to the Group => Back to Group

 At loading page parameter " Alt " (In image code ) on a picture registers a word the " Рисунок " , instead of " Picture or Figure " - for example.
It would be desirable for it to correct.

 any voluntary work => voluntary work/ volunteering
not sure about "participation in organizations", either.

 Алексей lipton Шугай

 Why competitions have remained without translation? Details are written in English, but conditions of competition in Russian! Its a serious minus!
If you dont have free time, I can quickly translate this page and give a text variant of competition сonditions.

 Хорошо бы транслителировать имена и фамилии в английском интерфейсе, и ввести опцию не видеть новости на русском. Тогда можно будет пробовать звать англоязычных знакомых....

We can do it later. Those competitions were for Russian cities, anyway.

Yes, we'll need to do something about the Blog. =\

 Из описания этой группы "City/Town: Washington, D.C., США"
Наверное, не все иностранцы знают, как на русском языке пишется название их страны.

Религиозные взгляды, самые распространнённые, наверное, стоит перевести (с учётом того, что там даже подсказывалка есть).

А можно организовать 24-часовой формат даты ( в настройках, например)?

 Есть предложение.
Почему бы в профиль не добавить строфу "Для иностранного интерфейса" и туда вписывать имя и фамили по-английски с тем, чтоб в англоязычной версии сайта высвечивались английские эквиваленты?

 Invite a Friend:

Who can I invite => Who may I invite

You can only invite pleople you know. => You are only allowed to invite people you know.

 (This is You) => (This is you)

Photos with Me => Photos with me

Video with Me => Videos with me

Edit My Profile => Edit my profile

See All => See all

All Functions => All functions

And more ...
Or other question: Why you write every begin of a word in big letters?
If it's only 1 word, it's correct, but when there are more words, then normally it will not be written in big characters.
I see this everywhere in all translated PHP files. Is this really supposed to be? It looks a bit strange for me.

 Bookmarks => Favorites

Bookmarks is just wrong, don't use it just because it's in Firefoxbrowser. This has nothing to do with this website menu and the content of this menu.

 Dear Carlos,

Why not u study english beter bifor u maik kaments?

 Army => Military (Service?)

Еще - неплохо бы дать возможность пользователям самостоятельно создать или отредактировать англ. версию своего профайла. Если нет - тогда по умолчанию переводится автоматически.

X added Y as a new friend => X added new friend Y

Может, тогда уж "made friends with"? ^_^

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