Language exchange boat party!!


 I am planning on arranging a boat party for native English and Russian speakers. The idea is to have a few drinks, listen to some music and give everybody a chance to practice their language skills. Is this something you would be interested in?

 Билл,классная идея))) а когда?

 In the summer )))

Need to be sure of how many people want to come.

 i and Stepan will come for sure

 You can count on me) I am in

 I 'd be happy to join you,guys,but I 'll be away in June.So if it 's in July,I will come.I think I can speak English better after a few drinks.)))lols ;)

 I'll b there. good 4 u, Bill)
July is perfect!

 sounds nice!)

 I'm in man!

 i'll be there with a couple of friends =)

 Can I also take a friend with me?...because I don 't know any1 yet

 Of course, nobody knows each other. I only made the group yesterday!!

 Really?that 's crazy.lols.But you at least invite some people you know.
Can you imagine what this boat party will look like?A lot of strangers get together to have fun or what?)))
But I like the idea.I 've never been to such parties before.
I have 1 more question:what will we all do?drinking,listening to some music and talking?

 ...and how many people are expected to be there?I mean maximum.

 So yeah, basically I want to get half Russian people and half British/American/Australian people on a boat to meet each other, have some drinks and chat in whichever language they are learning! I think the amount of people is unclear at the moment but im hoping for at least 30. Think of it like going to a floating bar where you are guaranteed to be able to practice your language skills!! :)

 It sounds cool !!!But I see you 've already done much work about it in the internet,so I think more people will come)))))
and after a few drinks language skills improve....close to perfect))))

 Bill, hi! :) I would like to come too!

 I wonder if it 's gonna be the whole boat for rent or what?just worry about other people around)))

 No, i will rent a boat. This is why I need an idea of numbers, so i can work out how much tickets will cost!

 I'd love to come!

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