Письменная практика на англ.яз(и не только)!!!!!


idioms /phrase with russian translation/

 a fair shake - хорошее отношение

listen it

 could you help me to write the text of this song?..please help me, i need it, thanks


The Creative English Language

 Do you know what the "Albanskij yazik" is for our modern russian young people? It is when you change russian letters in words into incorrect ones by putting wrong consonants and vowels and shortening words. It`s very popular within young people ...

Who are you?

 Describe your main traits of character and appearance..

The way to study English

 What is better for you, to learn language individually with a teacher, or in group?

What is the happiness for you?

 What is necessary to people that to be happy?

Is it really - to know English as Englishman?

 What can you tell me about it? (excuse me, if i made mistakes :)
P.S. I'm a beginner)))

Учебники скачать

 Вот выложила некоторые свои учебники.

1) Английский истории. Книга для чтения. Параллельный русский перевод
2) 200 немецких неправильных и сильных глаголов
3) ...

would you like to kiss me..?

 Let's play the funny game!=\
The rules are simple=)
You just need to answer a previous person would you like to kiss him/her or not and why)))))


Would you like to come to the USA or GB and never come back home?

 Working abroad is a great opportunity to realize yourself as a person, of course is hard... but if you had such amazing facility you would stay abroad forever?

Please, help!...

 hello, guys! What`s up?=) I need some help: a text about the greenhouse effect. Can you help me? thanks in advance! (send me in personal message)

How did you begin learning english??))))=)))

 Gosh!!!at school i did not give attention to learn English...becouse i did not understand thet it's very important to know English in our century,progress technologies...etc...and know, when i am a student, i understand this and begin force ...


 Part VI. Circle the correct word or phrase.
1. I need to change my________ because meetings are now being held near the airport.
a. accommodations b. booths c. promotional videos
2. Use____________________ to inform everyone ...


 Let's talk about literature! I wish I will find somebody who like the same books that I like! :)

Ich will das Deutsche wissen. Geben Sie, sich zu umgehen!

 Ich warte auf Sie!

Useful links

 Hello, everybody!
First of all I would like to say we have to help each other!
Have you got any useful link for us?
I like these
And ...

їQuiйn habla espaсol?

 Prбctica para las personas que sepan hablar espaсol.

What does friendship mean for you?

 As for me i can't imagine my life without my friends!They are very funny.....

best english expressions you've heard...

 you know as almost anybody i really admire people who know the language they are speaking, and i am not talking about physical ability to pronounce words, but actual USAGE, precise and full expression of yourself using words

one ...

 The truth of Life

Practise......... ;]

 Let's meet together to pactise English!!!
We'll be speaking only in English thereby making it more frequent!!!!
It's a great advance!!!

All about LOVE

 Is here anyone who wants to speak about love (or sex, or friendship, etc.)
Please, write your stories or problems here ))

What country do you you like most of all?????Why?????????????????

 What do you think about it????????????

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