Would you like to come to the USA or GB and never come back home?


 Working abroad is a great opportunity to realize yourself as a person, of course is hard... but if you had such amazing facility you would stay abroad forever?

 Interesting issue.
I for one think: if you was born in Russian, it means you're Russian and you should be a patriot - i mean you must think about your country as about your home. In that case, think i, every Russian man should be citizen of Rusia - and live in this state.
About realizing: there are many places in Russia where you can work as professional. There is one BUT: you must find that place before. If you want to get practise or education abroad, well, go ahead. Anyway, in the end you ought to think about your state as about homeplace.


 Hm... Everything is possible! And may be you are right. BUT!

I don't think if you was born in Russia you must be patriot of you country! As for me, it's not my folk where I was born and if I wouldn't like to live here why I can't let go out of the country myself!? Why not!?)) If I feel my spirit loves other country!? It is not CRIME! Every person has own rights and freedom. May be I feel it would be better for me if I go away. May be it is my duty!? =)))))

 Mmm...I think, it would be better for me, if I will come to USA or Great Britain just to see sights, feel experience pleasure , study etc)))))

Firstly, it is not a crime.
I think, however, there is a reason. why everybody should just respect place, where he was born and do as much good things for that place as he able to.
On the other hand, you are right - if you think that you will feel your soul better abroad, go ahead.
In addition, there are not many people who understand our talking, so, we can choose where live but they can't. :)

BTW, is apple good gadget?

 As for me . I dream about living and working abroad. But in Russia i have many close friends , my parents and relatives. And because of them i can't leave this country. So let's do it ! Let's work and make succes in our native territory ! )))

 Now I don`t want live abroad for a long time. But I wasn`t there, so I couldn`t say it realy. And I think, it is case of each man.

 Шрек, I absolutely agree with you=)))))

Алексей, I love Russia, I respect it)))) I am even glad I was born here, cause I've known a lot good things=))))) But the USA or GB will really make me happy. It sounds awful. I can't say so, as I didn't live there, but I am sure, when I will be there I won't to leave it=)))) I hope so))))) At least, I can't help admiring these countries!))))) By the way, what do you mean BTW?

Иван, I have a lot of my close friends too!!!! My family, friends, the University. But I am ready to do my best to overcome all difficulties and to achieve my purposes!!!!))))

BTW means By The Way. ;)

 I love and respect my country a lot...but what good things can i do for it (i mean in global sense)????? i must work in our government....be a political man, for eample, to change the situation in politics, economy, etc.. and to make good things for the country....and our government, in its turn, doesn't think about the people....it's a myth that they take care 'bout us.....so i'm a patriot of my country, of the place where i was born...but i have only one life...and if i have an opportunity to live abroad, i wil not miss it....tastes differ...we all have right to choose for better life....

 Ohh, yeah!

 Алексей, you are good at speaking English=)))))) Yes))))) Without any doubts I can say apple Iphone is very convenient thing))) But on the other side it has some disadvantages, for instance, it doesn't have MMS, Blututh and camera. What about camera, you can take a picture, but to make a video is not possible!=((((( Would you like to have it?=)))

Сюзанна, do you mean people in the USA don't look after each other?


 2Susanna: you think you will be a really good guy who would be able to change something in that country only by a politician? I for one sure that poticians in amount of latest 80-90 years had been done something pleasant and good? Mmm, i dont think so. Of course, there were exceptions , but in mass politics was very ineffective.
I mean, EVERYBODY can change something towards goodness. One can annihillate a trash on streets, another one can build corporation, which wiil construct a particular segment of economics (or culture, for example). As for me, i want to give contribution in modern Russian sociology - to develop new teories, to create new science centers, and etc.
To sum up, goint to live abroad due to you want a rich and happy life - it's not strategic, moreover, it's not respective. You was born here, and if there are loads of shit here, may be, we should do something with it?

2Joel: I'd like to have all Apple's technothings. About Iphone i sure that PDA with same cost have much more functionality. Contrary, iphone is the most easiest gadgets i've seen ever before. Thought, i'd like to have awesome Sony VAIO, with 13" screen, small weight core duo CPU and discrete videocard. ;)

 to Joe
i wasn't talking about the USA at all.....can't understand what YOU mean..........l

 Алексей, if you want I can send to you a presentation about Apple Iphone, I have it in my videos))) May be you'll change your mind and want to have Iphone insist of Sony VAIO.....

Сюзанна, I'm sorry, I don't understand you((( What about Russia, I think we need to change the whole system in it. The more the time goes, the worse people feel themselves((((( Unfortunately, it is true!

 to Алексей
I don't want to change anything in this country or another one, 'cos to live trying to change the country...the world...means not to live at all....may be it's better to start from your own life....
i also don't think that our politicians have done smth good or pleasant...and they will not......we can build a new brave world only after a global catostrophe....now our efforts are all for nothing.....

 Joel absolutely agree with u)))))but as i've told to Алексей, we can do nothing...'cos there's a group of people who rule the whole world...our country...and you must be among them or to kill them to change the system....or the system destroy u...

 Сюзанна, You r right(( It's badly!!!!! Now the economic crisis is in our country and it will be worse in 3 times for us. Количество бюджетных мест сокращается, the amount of unemployees is growing, a trade has big problems, the country needs "рабочие руки" ..... Frankly speaking, I am afraid of this period of time.=((((

 the only thing is to wait for better times))))))))))))))i believe everything will be ok)))i try not to think 'bout it....

 I hope so....)))))

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