Practise......... ;]


 Let's meet together to pactise English!!!
We'll be speaking only in English thereby making it more frequent!!!!
It's a great advance!!!

 aaaa, great advance? what's that?

 Огромный шаг вперед -)

 I can speak for Елена Пак, but I am not good in English! can you help me?

 Hello people. What is subject of the conversation? :))

 hello Михаил *Генератор идей* Зайцев


 Hello Дмитрий RINO Рудай. How are you? :) "Practise......... ;]" has got a little shortcoming. Where is people? Оnly 3 person!!!!!!:) What is to be done? Who is blame? :)). Shall we speak about advertisement? :)))

 To say honestly I haven't understood what is happening here...
I can't see any conversation...

 lets speak 'bout SEX!!

 -------------- Seх is very important in our life ;).---------------------------------

Оля {Real} Бельковец, you can offer your conversation!!! have you got any ideas?

 and I have "exlellent" in English, Korean, world economic and....MATHEMATICS ;))).

 I know I know....I'm very SHY :))))))))))).

 i have C- in calculus, C- in thermodynics and B in design.... that's my sex

but, honestly im tired of this kind of sex with school.... it turns out i am always being fucked(((

 relax, take it easy....... :).

Practise is the most interesting ways to discover something news.... Do you agree? :)))))))))))))))))

 Of course!!!
If we meet together from time to time, English will be much frequent...
To put it in simpler words it is the fastest method of studing and practising the language!!!!
To declaim is easier than to convince, but I don't try to persuade you....
There's conversation for people who want to improve their knowledge but not for people who want to say that it's a dead dog!!!!!!!!!!
Whoever needs that?... -)

 i am tired of english... nonemotional, boring language...
especially when more than half of your profs don't even know how to speak good english(((

hmm, how are we going to meet from time to time?

 It's good idea. But I'm from Khabarosk!!!!!!!!!!! Do you know how much money cost a ticket from Khabarosk to Moscow????????????? :(((((((

 my ticket to moscow costs 00... too much for practice of english

 Wow... Really too much )))


 What a wonderful world :))) pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese........ what are we doing? :)))) it's boring........:(

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