would you like to kiss me..?


 Let's play the funny game!=\
The rules are simple=)
You just need to answer a previous person would you like to kiss him/her or not and why)))))


 Let's try=)I wouldn't like to kiss her because I have a girlfriend))))
People,GO ON!!!

 I wouldn't like because I'm not a gay)))

 No! Sorry Vasya!

 ) With pleasure... Free Love!!!

 May be,but I don't say exactly becouse I can't see you face!!

 Mmm... Yes, i'd like to kiss Inga. ;)

 i'd like to kiss Alex:)

 I wouldn't! cause I'm not lesbian))

 I'm not lesbian too, but it is game))

 If only in a cheek:))))

 May be it is possible!)))

 Yes,such a nice men:)))

 May be!I can't see you!

 no, I'm so sorry=))

 O-o-o-o, I am Lucky man. I'm ready kiss her. With very pleasure.

 hmmm... your picture is too small to decide if i want to kiss you... maybe... maybe it depends on how drunk i am :))) So, who wants to kiss me? btw, it's not my picture :P

 I would kiss you. I am no lesbian either, but if i was i would.

 hey, i would definitely kiss you, you're nice :)

 Well, I'd kiss U)))

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