All about LOVE


 Is here anyone who wants to speak about love (or sex, or friendship, etc.)
Please, write your stories or problems here ))

 i have a problem ебте

 And what is your problem?

 it's some kind of vicious circle.... i have a problem because i have a problem....

 Wow... I even don't know what to say... I really don't understand you. Can't you say smth particular?

 heh, nevermind, im just kidding)))))

do you have a problem?

 Do you want me to change roles with you? ))) My problem is that I want to talk to somebody, but nobody else does...

 i want to fuck somebody... because i love commiting intercourse no matter when

 I even don't have a reply... In fact, Andrey, that's not a problem 'cause you simply can do what you want ))

 To my mind...

 to my mind.... that's not a good expression

i guess, i think

now i have a problem... i got drunk last night, i dont remember shit, but as my friends told me i did some pretty stupid things and im embarrassed right now

 And I like this expression...
And did they tell anything concretly? )))
Maybe they're kidding.


 I've forgotten to say: you simply can't remember nothing...

 Make love not war. OYAYEBU!

 if you wanna make love, dont drink... that's lame

 I've never been in love yet! Help! what am i have to do????

 For Sergyus. Love is unpredictable. Wait for your chance, but with activity.


Activity! what a nice word... mental and emotional activity

PS fuck everything that moves, if it doesnt move - push it and then fuck))))
just kidding

 """"fuck everything that moves""":))) CAREFULLY!!! probably you will be able to have AIDC!!!!!!!!.

 while i have a boner i'll do my best anyway

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