Let us speak only on English.


 Hey Nat!) W'sup?
M.N. Kozyreva I.V. Fedorova English-Russian Learner's dictionary contains about 75000 words.
This is my advice for you)

 I'd like to have a pen friend to improve my English.

 Let us speak only IN English.

 сорри, что на русском)) Люди!!! без предлога!
Let us speak only English!!!!
Настя Илиана_Nasst_Нася Мазуркина - Жжошь!)))

 Hello! My name is Masha, I am fourteen years old. I am learning English for five years. But my English is not very good!
P.S. Ulishki Kosmishki: I adore wail your knowledge an English!

 Hello everyone! I'm Alexey and I study at the Irkutsk State Linguistic University. I began studying English only 4 years ago.. There were 2 classes of this language per week when I went school. I hope somebody might want to have conversations with me:)

 hi everyone i am so happy because there are many people who like english and want to chat oinly in english////////////////

 Let`s go to Malta! This is the most economical and effective way of learning english! In school Elanguest in St. Julians you can book independently through the school site without margins agencies. 2 week course and accommodation in apartments school - 466 euro plus tickets about 450 euro and visa, which draws up its representative in Moscow. Complete information about the school, photos, video lessons, prices, description of courses, etc. You can look at their website.

 как же вы достали спамить, сволочи

 ч0 ебa?Tb

 Several days ago unknown pillagers had demolished Engineer Yarutin's House, the monument of architecture (19 century). This abominable act of vandalism and lawlessness makes me cry... Unfortunately, it was done by the people who maybe was managed by the city goverment. Sorry for my bad English.

 Hello! Is anybody from Nizhny Novgorod? After my session I am going to see my elder brother and I like this city very much!!!

 Haya I'm Oleg from Melbourne. I'm 29...like travelling, fotty, keg parties with my mates! Glad to see you all!

 кто хочет DVD на английском "Елизавета" с Кейт бланшетт, "Долгая поволвка" с Одри Тоту, и Шоколад с Жюльетт Бинош и Джонни Деппом по 100 руб. пишите в личку. Только Питер.

 Hi!My name is Masha.I'm 18 years old. I'd like English very much.Unfortunately, I very bad speak in English. is there any online classes???

 I don't know any online classes. However, there's a great method to study English, but it may be hard for you, but actually it's the only way... This method consists of such elements: 1) time-tested books or books by well-known teachers, professors, translators etc. (DO NOT READ BOOKS WRITTEN BY DRAGUNKIN!!! HE'S A QUACK!!!) 2) practice, practice, and practice - you may download films, TV series, shows and other videos in English from Internet, also you may read and translate any texts you'll find (Internet is your assistant), may register on discussion forums, etc. The most difficult thing is SPEAKING. Please refer to the knowledgeable person, who can help you with this problem...
Only thing I can advice to you - LEARN, LISTEN, READ, TRANSLATE, SPEAK... and you must do it everyday.
Don't give your attention to my speaking, I learn English too)))
P.S. please acquire big English-Russian dictionary (with a transcription), and Russian-English dictionary, of course))

 Hello, everybody!
My name is Inna. I'm 27 years old. I live in Russia in a small town called Stavropol.
I was studing English when I was a child, but it didn't get me good attainments, so now I started to learn English again, because English is a international language and I want to speak to people from all over the world. And it's very interesting for me!

 Hi people.
My name is Iryna.I'm 15 years old .I'm ucrainian but I live and studing in Portugal.
I like to dance, to sing,to spend the time with my friens and relax...
I'm bad in English but I like this language and want to know better.

 sorry for my note, but in English ( videlicet in Britain version) if you are speaking about things which makes you happy (i mean if you feel pleasure about several things) you have to add +ing to infinitive.

I like dancing, singing.

But if these things don't make you happy, they aren't good enough for you and you just do because its useful for you - you don't have to add +ing to infinitive.

So what about your "dance" and "sing" ?))))))))))

 Thank you =)
I didn't know this =|

So I like dansing and singing =))

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