Let us speak only on English.


 Oh hey, it's great, you speak French, Алёна!!!
It's great that you speak 2 foreign languages at your age ;) You'll go faaaaaar in this life :D

 Ульяночка, thank you))))))

 Hi! I'm 18. I study in Moscow Tecnical university, thats why my English isn't as good, as I want. I like dancing, reading all kinds of books,listening to different music(not foreign cause I cant understand it) and I want to improve my English and start to study others languages like? for example French, Italian and Spanish.


 Dear all! Hello!=)))
2 Ulya - I'm too too much))) How r u?) I see u pass the exams now. Well I'm too. Sometimes it's difficult. It's time without sleeping))) When will be ur last exam ?=) How much ones do u have this winter?
2 Alena: Hi! I think French is the most wonderfull language as I know! It's really great to know it!!! I want to learn French when I do my best at English)
When did u begin to study foreign languages? &=)
2 Kate: Hello Kate!) I'm glag that u join us! &=) It's great coincidence to leave in one town:-) Did u tried to read English books?) Is English 4 u fun or need?) Oh, do u really want to study French? May be dare to create the group of people who want to study French ???))))


 2 Olya: I have 2 exams left: Tourism Management tomorrow and Art Culture after tomorrow. I only have 9 exams this time so it's pretty relaxed :) The most annoying part is that we get the results not earlier than in March :S
What about your exams? When are you finished? How many do you have left?

 Well, I think I have to say few words about me. So, I am 16 years old, I am a pupil, next year I'm going to get to the Bauman's BMSTU. I live in Moscow, but I was born in Vologda and I love this city more than our capital. I like to listen to the music, especially russian rock, to watch some films, usually horrors and dramas, to play computer games, but only if I had some free time. Else, I'm trying to learn rock guitar... well, I'm playing very bad... but I don't mind to give up. Also, I just love to study sexology)) So, this is it, this is me))

 2 Olya. I consider that your udea about French group is wonderfull. I want to know English for further work and, i want to get the next education сonnecting with languages, cause i like travelling very much. I have read a lot of English books, but now I use only simple words on my English lessons and i forget others(((

 2 Святослав: nice to meet you and welcome ;)
By the way - guitar is great!!!! I love it! Right now I'm trying to learn to play acoustic guitar (which my bf offered me for Xmas :)), but I'm still very bad too. And I have no friends that know how to play guitar, that's sad coz no one can teach me.. well, for free at least :P

 2 Ulya: I must pass 5 exams next week%) And I finish in 10 days.)) Ou, why will u get the results so late??? U don't get ones so late every year do u? By the way u learn to play guitar it's coool!!! I play the flute slightly... And want to play the piano!!!)))) And to the point my specialization is tourism and is ur one too?(-:
2 Kate: Yes, it's great))) Yes, if the man want to work at good west firm he must know one foreign language at the minimum. And u know that at foreign companies the level of salary much higher and corporative culture much better)))
2 Svyatoslav: Hi! Welcome=))) Why do u like Vologda more?=) Moscow provides us with ample opportunities)))) I like to listening good music too, especially good female voices like Bjork, NS, Masha i medvedi and others))) And I like to watch classical foreign films and etc) And r u good in singing or u play the guitar without singing?=) Do u have institute preparatory courses now? U know u chose one of the best universitues of Moscow! It'"m the youngest participant of this group))
I"m 13, I study in St.Petersburg"s school number 525 with the profound studying English language.I"m not so good at my lessons, but I really want to be better...I want to study more English, because in future I want to live in London or in New York)))

 2 Olga: Well, yes, Moscow is better 'cause of opportunities, but the life in here is rotten - all this clubbing shit, neon lights, shitty ecology, loud sounds... It's giving me a headache... And in Vologda... Mmmm... So nice, quiet, clear...
About singing... I could say, that I sing rather well... But singing with guitar playing... It's just, that I am learning to play guitar, so I need to concentrate on playing at first...
About courses... Yes, I have 'em, but I hate physics, so I also have a private physics teacher...

And what about you? Do you have hobbies? Where are you studying? On which course? Is it very difficult? Which genres of music do you prefer? Who is your favourite film actor?

 2 Olga: We always get the results so late.. that's the weirdest thing about my college. We're actually lucky to have them in March this year coz usually we have to wait till June. And yea, it's tourism I'm studying. Done studying actually, going on internship tomorrow!!!
So exams are over for me! Thank God, feels good to be free! Back from Montreal now - went there for a week with friends! And Canadians are such nice people!

And hey Дашуньчик, welcome! Speaking of New York, I'd love to live there too!!! We had a stopover there on our way to Montreal, and I just fell in love with the city! (couldn't say the same about London, but who knows, maybe you'll like it!)

 Hi!!! I’m 20. I study in Belgorod University of Consumer Cooperatives. I like my university, I study very well but my English is not very well. I’d like to be professor of international economy. I’ll do my best for it. Thanks for your useful group.

 Hi Victoria, welcome! Your English does seem to be pretty good actually so keep going ;) How's the weather in Belgorod by the way?

 Thanks)))....The weather's bad because it's slippery today...and snow is melting...(((...

 Let us meet! Write me in private. I have free time on this week. I live in Moscow.
2 SCOB: I want meet u!!!!


 owww, I'm afraid I'm too far from all of you.. but have fun meeting each other ;)

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