The choice


 Here is a popular game.


You write down two things, one of which a person will have to chose. And say why he chose it, then he/she writes his/her version of the things to chose from yeah it my sound hard but and example will change that

For example:

Tom: Books or movies?

Sally: Books because they are usually better then there movie version plus you can use your imagination reading books. Cats or dogs?

Frank: Dogs because they are loyal. Taking a bath or a shower?

(you can take it from here)


 Shower!!! Totally!!! Because you save water, and it get's you going, very refreshing!!!! Vine or beer?

 TOTALLY Wine!!! You don't feel as bloated as you do after beer.
Would you rather be a fish or a bird?

 Bird because you can fly "like an angel to the sun" ;)
A car or a bicycle?

 (didn't expect 2 see u here!)
А car because you can travel further and faster(unless you're in a traffic jam)!
Your birthday or New Year?

 New Year! It's beautiful holiday! Everybody like it! And everybody say "Happy New Year!". It's amazing for me!
Summer or Winter?

 winter - and you know why... ) - snowboarding!
Day or night?

 Hmm... Day or night... I like a day because you can do a lot of interesting things... And I like a night. It's a time to sleep or to go to the party... And also I love to drive a car at nihgt!!! So I like both ;)
Morning or evening?
P.S. Can you correct my english if I do mistakes?