Let us speak only on English.


 Hello! My name is Inessa Im from Russia. Im 18 years old. I like music aspetially Depeche Mode. I like to go to the swimming pool and to swim. I like nature and pets. I have a pet; it is cat; and its name is Ksusha. I live in a town Shcelkovo and I live with my mother. Her name is Marina. I love my mom. About me^my eyes are green; my average is 160 sm

 Hellow Inessa! Welcome!
O like Depeche Mode as well, they make nice music ;) What about you every day life - do you study? What do you study?
And where is Shcelkovo situated? Is it far from Moscow?
I'm originally from Kazan and I used to live in Cheboksary as well, do you know those cities?
Take care ;)

 Hello Uljana! ;-)
Shelkovo is situated in to the nort from Moscow. And yes Im study in the Moscow kollege of service. I heard about Kazan and Cheboksary buy I ve never been there.
Good luck)!

 Hi! I'm Anna and I have a great trouble!! I'm going to pass FCE exam in march, but my grammar is terrible!!!! I understand, that it's silly, but I'm writing to find a compassion.)))) May be somebody have the same problem, haven't you? How are you soluting it?

 Hello! My name is Max and I'm not from Moscow. I stadi in Moscow, bat I live in Mitishi. My english is no good, bat I wont to lern it. ;) I'm phichologi student. I like to play computer games, lisen good music and read books. I love Greec and Russia. I speak greec a littel, not werry wel. ;)

 you cant write words correctly. please, look into dictionary)))

 Hi Anna, grammar is a nasty stuff to learn :S I guess I should thank my teacher for annoying us with it for 3 years - I finally learned it. What you can do, is just memorize the main tenses you use (I mean, depends on the kind of exam you have, maybe you'll have to learn all 12 of them) and the most important - when to use them! grammar is like math, once you know the formulas - you know it all. So besides learning it by heart, there''/929861/3/m%20guessing%20you%20already%20have%20it%20all%20in%20your%20syllabus.%20Good%20luck!%3Cbr%3E%3Cbr%3EHey%20Max!%20Your%20English%20is%20good,%20but%20as%20Katya%20mentionned,%20your%20spelling%20could%20be%20better.%20A%20simple%20thing%20to%20check%20your%20spelling%20online%20-%20http://www.orangoo.com/spell/%20-%20checks%20your%20spelling%20and%20gives%20you%20alternatives%20on%20the%20misspelled%20words.%20And%20in%20your%20case%20I%20think%20reading%20English%20books/magazines/anything%20else%20may%20really%20help%20%3B%29%3Cbr%3E %3B%3C/p%3E%0A%09%09%09%09%09%09%09%09%09%09%09%20%3C/p%3E%0A%09%09%09%09%09%09%09%09%09%09%3Cp%3E %3BHi%20to%20all%20%5E_%5E%3Cbr%3Emaybe,%20I%20must%20say%20something%20about%20me%20%29%29%29%3Cbr%3EOkey%29%3Cbr%3EMy%20name%20is%20Lesia%29%20I%20am%2015%29%20I'm from Lugansk) It's in Ukraine ^_^
I like travelling ^_^
Nice to meet all of U :))

 Thank you, Ульяна (sorry for Russian, but I'm afraid to make a mistake in your name)This site is very nice.There are really useful rules. ))))

 u can reed my name.also u can click my page & there u can find any infomation, EVERYTHING about me))

 Можеть по-русски будем писать!!!!!!!


 Hi.I'm winker and I'm from Caucasus)))so my English is very bad...peoples I need help!

 Ну ваще, блин!!!))

 Hi.... I'am a new member of this group.... Thank's for your invite.... Well, i'll want to do my best in english....

 Hey! I was lookin' the theme like this for a long time. And i'm in luck today :)
About myself: I'm 18 .The biggest fan of English. I think that's the most beautiful language of the whole world, but unhappily don't practise much. I'm the electronics colledge student. All my life i've wanted to live in the United States of America and i intend it to be so. I like very much Modern Talking, Plazma, Bosson. I play synthezator and can sing not bad, i think. I dream to make my career and to be famous to tell the truth. So guys if i interested U, LET'S SPEAK ENGLISH! .)

My name is Maria))
I am 23. I am from Zejenograd (Moscow).
My English is not good... I whant to do my English better very much!..

 \я знаю только fuck off

 I dont know any words(I cannot tell with you(

 you just said 9 different words Katya, that's a good start ;)

and hey, welcome to all the new members here!

 Hi!) So, what can l tell about myself?) I m a student and my future professsion is economist( but l would like to work with languages) Unfortunatly I didn t think when l decided to choose this sphere( So l m going to leave economic and try to work with english and french) I suppose to enter to the new university on next year) I m fond of ballroom dancing, companionship etc)
And l want to get a new foreign friends)) And alll people who d like to socialize on english)) Hm....it won t be redundant to make a meeing of us))) What do u think? This is a good opportunity to make a lot of interesting)))Hm...yeah)=)

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