Let us speak only on English.


 hi all, my name is Evgeny, last summer i spent in usa ))) it was cool, the most lovely place was Niagara falls

people you can see my photos )

 Hey, welcome guys ;) Nice to have you here :)

I've just learned that I'm not going to Russia this year :( I got a contract for work in a hotel so I'm not getting any vacation this year..

 Hey everyone! I'm Yelena from Yekaterinburg, Russia. I LOVE foreign languages, especially English, French and Spanish and I'm going to continue my education in this field. If you'd like to chat in Englush with me, go ahead and add me to you friends =)

 Hi!I'm lena.I living from moscow.I very bad speak english,but i going to study language.

 Hi everyone! Nice to meet you) I'm a student of Moscow Power Engeneering University=) Foreing languages are my life dream=) This year I'm going to improve my English and German and start learning French and Spanish=) It's going to be a hard year, but I never give up)
to Ulyana Nikolajeva: Your English is quite perfect=) It's a real pleasure to read your messages=) Thank you=)
to Lena Hrjasheva: You should just start) and then it'll be quite allright. The devil is not as black as it is painted=)
From my point of view learning foreing language means speaking practis and regular excersising=)
If anyone wants to chat in English just let me know=)

 Hello everybody ! =) Write me and speak with me =)

 Hello all!!!I'm Yana.I was born in Kirov region, from Russia.My English language is very bad(((. I'm 17 old. Can you help me? I going to study not only English language, also other.write me please.)))

 good to see so many ppl trying to learn english)) as u all know, the language has become one of the most important in the world, so if u know english u can talk to abt 80% of the earth;) try to find more ppl u can talk to in real life, not only here, that will be the most precious practice for u all. good luck and have fun learning ;))

 Hello. I’m Marina. I live, study and work in Simferopol. I hope you help me to improve upon my english.

 Hi. I'm Anna, 17 years old. I live in US for about 3 years. I graduated from Rowland High School a year earlier than I'm supposed to. I'm working full time right now, planning to go to college in half a year. I love to read books in English and Russian, but lately I've been reading books only in English... I love to go out with my friends, I love Indian food, I like to learn about different cultures, and, finally, I'm just a happy person.

ANYONE WHO NEEDS HELP with ENGLISH, you can contact me any time, I'll be glad to help...

 oh yeah.....English.....I like it)....well...my name is Kate....I'm from Moscow....English is my passion....now I'm studying Portugeese and I really miss conversations in English))

 hi! Katiycha let speak Englich!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Hey, everyone!!! It's great to see you all here and you're all keen on English))) It's really great that the interest to this language's growing up with each second)) Maybe one day everyone will know English and we'll all be able to understand each other!!! Like a music English will become a common language for all peoples!
Ok, about myself. I'm Arkady and I'm 20. I was born in Bashkortostan republic. Now I Live in Nyzhny Novgorod region in the town of Kstovo because of my studying. Study in the Military Engineering Acadamy in the fourth course. I specialize in radio-electronics. I'd been attending Aikido school for three years untill I entered the institute. Now my conditions don't let me go on to attend it but in future I plan to continue because this is a bussiness of whole life. I play the guitar and like to sing. Music is a language too) Can't live without music!!! I like to watch movies, interesting movies, screwable comedies, touching dramas and sometimes even fearful movies...if it's really fearful))) At all I love to go to the cinema and watch films in its original (English 'cause). So. Well let's have a conversations!

 Oh!! My dears... I can't even say a word about my English. My "perfect" teacher in the University tries to do every to persvade us to use only British English, because of it's "beatiful" and "right'. Some days ago I finally found such expressions, as "banana oil', "go to hell" and so on)

 Good evening!!!!!!!!! So, my name is Angela. I'm from small town in Perm region. I like English. I have been learning it for 9 years. Today English is very important part of my life! I can speak, read and watch English films without translation. And I'm thankful for my father, who said me "English will help you in your future life". And now when he was died I remember his words.

 Hello everybody! My name is Julia. I`m 19. I`m study in the Moscow Institute of Economic, Management and Law. I wish to work in the militia.
I live in the beatiful old city, called Ryazan. There is a very old Kremlin in the moy city))) Ryazan is the birthplace of Sergey Esenin, academican and Nobel winner Ivan Pavlov, author of music of the Russian gymn Aleksandrov and others.
I have been learning english for 10 years, but I speak and write English not well((

 Hello anybody! I'm Anastasya. i'm 13 years old. I have been learning english since...since 2 form because my hobbys are forign languages. besides my hobby is dancing. i like to skate with my friends, go for a walk and i'm cheerful and kind-hearted. i have always wanted to practice my english.
i'm very proud of my big family! i've got a mother, a father, the youngest sister and brother.
i haven't very many friends and i hope to find new friends here. i'm from Degtyarsk, it's near Ekaterinburg.
I' waiting for your answears!

 Hi! My name is Aina. Im from Ukraine. Im 22. I studied at Donetsk Technical University. Im an engeneer. I studied english at school, university, but I dont speak good.I think english is very important part in my life, so I want to improve it. I hope I will meet many friends on this group.Write to me, please!

 Hello! I'm very surprised to see so many people, who loves English! & I understand, that my English so bad :-( But I hope to improve my english with your help!!!
A little bout me: I'm 25, I live in Zheleznodorozhny Moscow region. Every saturday I study english, but unfourtunately I have no time to learn english at home.
So I wait your letters!

 Hello! My name is Alex. I'm from Minsk. I'm 21. You write that English grammar is a nasty thing to learn, but I can say: you don't know the German one). I learn German now. German grammar is really very hard to learn. I really don't think that it's very difficult to study English grammar. So if you want to know English rather well, you can just watch English movies, listen to the songs on English and read some classical English literature (better when it goes within a translation of some difficult words) and thus you'll increase your lexicon and be able to speak not bad. And of course, you should to communicate more and more with your friends (who upon your mind know English well), if you have them.) Anyway, thanks a lot for this group! For many people it is really a good practice!) Have a nice day!)

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