Let us speak only on English.


 Tell about yourself, your town, your dreams, hobbies, family. About all what you want to tell. On English, please!

 About me: I am 21. I study in Moscow Power Engeneer institute.
I study not very well but I want to study better. I want to improve my English, to enjoy my life... I like to dance, to dream, to relax,,,
I live with my mother. My English is not very well that I tell your a litlle)))

 Lilya i'm just going to speak the" right" English, so you cannot say that your English is no good because it is so much terrible and disgusting that i can say no more. Don't offend please, because this group was created for people who wish it to improve and i am the one of people who can help you with it. if you need my help - write up and i will try to do that.

 help me, people!!!

 hey guys ;)
A couple of words about me : I'm a college student, I study tourism in Brussels (in French). I'm 22. I'm into sports (mountain biking, fitness, belly dancing etc.), aviation (I used to work as a stewardess and my main hobby is RC airplanes), psychology and languages (I speak fluently French and English and I'm still learning Dutch and Spanish).
I live in Belgium, with my mom and step dad. My dad, step mom and my little brother live in my hometown in Russia, and I try to visit them every year ( try, coz it's not always easy with my studies, work etc.)

P.S. Antosh, it's great of you wanna help people improve their English, only you make mistakes too :P No offense

 2 Ully: u r so funny.....make mistakes?......uahhahahahaahahahahhh))
i definitely speak US Engl an' non all Rus ppl can understand it.......i alwayz go to the clubz with ma US friends and work with 'em speakin Engl more than 16 hourz a day.......an' noone ever told me that.........so i'm really LOL an' AFK while)))))))))))))

 Told you, no offense ;)
I'm not in Russia and it's not in Russia and not with Russians either that I learned English...
But I'm not gonna play this game ;) Seriously, it's useless to try to prove something you'll deny till the end, so I won't.
Oh btw, writing here in "rebel-US-teen" English, that people only use for forums or chats to show off, won't help anyone learn it better, coz that's what you were gonna do in the first place.. right? And no it doesn't make you look cooler ;)
Again, no offense. We can just let it go, right?

 course....cuz i jus' don' really give a damn 'bout it...........

 u know ........ppl reading our dialogue improve their Engl anyway...! u know why? - Just because our styles are too different))).........where u studied it?
u r non like livin in USA....

 lolz, true :P
I studied the basics in Russia, till I was 15. Then when I moved to Belgium I got a lot of friends from around the world: Australia, USA, Jamaica, Philippines etc. and we all spoke English (coz I didn't speak French at that moment). My best friend's Filipina btw.
I never had to take English lessons anymore (at school I mean) till I changed college last year. And in 2005 I've worked as a stewardess in London for a couple of months.... but yea, I hate British English :s They're too snobs about it.. lol
And now... well, nothing special, I'm gonna do my internship in Crowne Plaza Hotel in Brussels (starting in 3 weeks) and everything's in English there.
What about you, besides speaking English for 16h every day? :P

 u know......i have best friend from Filipinnas too, but Londoners are the real snobs about their English and i can speak both languages.....and i'm sure that you and me can teach all guys but in different styles...))))))))).......i studied mine in the USA, Ireland and Scotland.....that's why u can think i make mistakes but not...in's not true....too different that's it.......respect 4 u)))))

 lolz no worries I speak them all as well ;)
But yea we could try to teach.. I'm not good in teaching though, I learned most of it by myself.. lyrics, movies, internet and bla bla bla. We can try to teach if people want us too, otherwise it's useless :P

 haha, I think it was an excuse (see above), I'm too lazy

 yeah.....lazy too....thaz why i don't wan' it but can help 'em lil'

 sure, whoever asks ;) so people, if you need help, feel free to ask ;)
I'm starting my exam session on monday :s my very last exam session!! YEA BABY!

 Hi! Ulya, Antosh and Lilya! Few words about myself....I'm 22. I'm from Pushkino. It's near Moscow. I like dancing, singing, drawing, swimming etc...) I study and work...And try to learn English%) I'm very pleased to meet u!;) Tell me about yourself! It's my first experiment to write smb on English) and so don't judge strictly!!!!)))

 2 Ольга Червоник : Welcome!
My hobbies is dancing(dirty dancing), checkers, listening music ect.... I like to learn new. intellect is very usefull sometimes)))
But study in our institute is boring sometimes.
I like when all is ok. Speak English better is my dream))) I like sing song on English.
2 Uliyana: Good luck on exams!!!!
Now I need study and pass exam session.
Invite here your old and new friends!!!!


 2 Lilya: Thanks! What's a ball of fire u r!) U have already opened several topics about English! It's really nice!!!) I like dancing too but I like more classical style)))) But my pal fonds of dirty dancing too!) Well I like play chess too much! But I don't play very well( But yea... I must pass the exams too%/ It's really shit! ! ! ! And it will be going so long!!!! What do u thinking about it? How r u going to pass? R u ready?^_O

 2Lilya, thank you! I had my first exam today, probably the easiest one. Tomorrow's Marketing, and the teacher hates us (me and my friends.. long story), so it's gonna be hard :s Ouch..
Good luck for your exams as well! How has it been so far?

2Olga, nice to meet you here ;)

 Hi, i am 15 and i study in Moscow. I have a sister.Her name is July... I am fond of theatre.It's my life... I know 3 languages: Russian, French and English. I have a lot of foreign friends)))

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