Colleges we have - Canadian College of English Language
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 ja dumaju, vse opisanie programm maximum dano na sajte collega, mogu lish posovetovat' po oformleniju dokumentov, ih ocherednost'... i t.d.

Interactive Design:
The Interactive Design program gives you the tools and experience you need to launch your career in the digital world. In year one you learn how to plan, design and build complex web sites. In year two you have the opportunity to specialize in e-learning, interactive multimedia or web design and development. You’ll work on real world projects, develop your digital portfolio, and gain work experience during a six-week work practicum.
Career Opportunities
Upon completion of the program, graduates' skills and knowledge will prepare them for careers as:

junior web designer
junior information architect
junior position in rich media authoring
junior position in DVD authoring
e-Learning courseware developer
self-employment or freelance consultant in website development and design, interactive multimedia or e-Learning


 Motion Picture Production:

Career Opportunities
Major motion picture production in B.C. is a multi-million dollar industry requiring well-trained personnel to fill its entry level requirements. Further, the growth of B.C.'s independent indigenous film industry must be fuelled by new, talented, and well-trained filmmakers

Program Objectives
Students will gain a solid foundation of knowledge about the film industry. Courses focus on:
Creation of the screenplay and its breakdown for production
The stages of production from concept to post
Production techniques
Editing techniques
Set administration
The technical aspects, including camera, lighting and sound
Keys to success, including attitude, teamwork and how to market yourself


 у нас в Калгари много международных студентов учатся в SAIT. Там и курсы английского есть и разные специализированные 2х-летные программы, включая те, которыми интересовался Алексей выше.