Incorrect translation


Engaged with > Engaged to

 Secondary Education:
Concentration > Specialized in

 "Concentration" is better than "specialized in".

 по ссылке
можно заметить "+10% interest`s"
символ ` лучше заменить на ' как в "+10% contact's"

 Concentration sounds very formal or/and out of place. I dunno, at least the idea is clear

Почему нет? На ФБ именно concentration. Я думаю, сайт не настолько informal, чтобы этот вариант не смотрелся. Да и глазу, привыкшему к тому интерфейсу, будет проще ориентироваться.
Хотя, конечно, я могу ошибаться.

 Secondary Education

School: ...

Gymnasium: ... по-английски "grammar school" gym(nasium)=спортзал


 At the high school level, you don't "specialize in" anything, at least not in the States - I have friends who went to specialized art/science schools with a heavier emphasis on one particular part of the curriculum (of their choice), and they had "concentrations", not "specializations".

In college (uni), you don't really "specialize in" anything, either - it's either a major or (at schools that don't have majors) a concentration, so it's not really a formal term at all.

 As for me, i think words " Mutual friends" not correct. " Common friends" is more right! Common - " Общие "

 пишет под фоткой

Added on Mar 2, 2008

а должно быть March

 Андрюшка | Тарасов
Why don't you like such abbreviation?

 Алексей Богатов
I think that month with short names shouldn't have abbreviations (month like March, May, June, July).


Sounds reasonable.
UPD: No, wait. I've changed my mind :) Lots of sites abbreviate all months, including the short ones.

Oh. Yes, you are right. And i havn't got any problems with it. Ok. If Pavel want to abbreviate i wont make any obstracles to him))

 All 12 months have common 3-letter abbreviations.

#10: Mutual friends is still correct, but it could also be "friends in common". It doesn't really matter, but I'd be more inclined to say "we have a mutual friend".

"Common" is more like "public". It also has a meaning "simple", so "mutual" is more preferable.


 Mutual friends - see fcb for reference

"Find a person to make into Officer" -> "Find a person to make an officer" (note - officer - small letter).

"Приложения" - not translated.

 I'd change Birthday to Birth date.
Land phone - home number
If you put Photo/Video it would be wiser to have a Note, but since you've decided upon Notes it'll be cool to have Photos and Videos.
My Audio Files => My Music.
My messages => My Mail.

In My Settings:
AUDIO You will be able to upload music FILES to your page and search millions of audio recordings.
OFFERS This service lets you find other people to accompany or share an activity you're interested in.
приложения - additions - lots of special additions, writen by programmers with help from VKontakte API. You can find games, chatting, tests and other cool things here.
Counters: Click this button if you think THE counters that show the numbers of your friends, friend requests, invitations to groups, new messages or unverified photos are wrong. - Triple "you", "your", "your" makes it an ugly sentence.
Change my nickname: If you want your nickname to be shown as well as your name, enter it here. You can also use it FOR your middle name. - as is bad in this particular sentence.

Profile => Basic => Birth Date is preferable once again.

Billiards is always with and S at the end.
And we dont have Fitness Centers, we have Fitness Clubs.
Not Temple, Church.

Upload photo.
You can ONLY upload your real photo AS ( only IS BEING USED TWICE IN THIS SENTENCE) a JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF or BMP image file. Uploading (no need for OF THE) pictures you are not ON may lead to the withdrawal of your account.

And Message Boards sounds way better then discussion Board.

By date of registration/ by date of the add

Simple Search => Quick Search sounds better.

Not Love & Sex, but Love & Relations.

In the Search Field of People Dont put High school. High school is SCHOOL from grade 9 to grade 12. I wouldnt call a University a High School.

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Женя Руснак added 7 audios <= songs would be better.

All for now.
Lots of love,


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You are not allowed to view this album as its owner DONT WE NEED A "HAS" HERE? restricted (cant see why you put the here) access (to - may be for?) (HIS, not their) friends only.

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