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Business writing

 Could anyone explain the use of closing in business writing? our head isists on using such variants as sincerely yours, faithfully yours while all British books suggest only yours faithfully and yours sincerely. is it Ok to use the former in ...

What on earth did they mean?

 Well, if you don't mind my asking, I need your help again. )))) I suggest discussing famous people's statements. To begin with, I wonder what Mrs.Thatcher meant when she said , " If you want anything said, ask a man. If you want anything done, ask ...

Books...in English... =)

 I just thought what if we share our ideas about what to read? Ideas, impressions, recommendations? or whatever you've always wanted to ask about books?


English Sense of Humour: leave your word in history =)) PLEASE! )

 Good morning all!
I'm writing my thesis on English sense of humour and making a survey.
I will be glad to know your opinion =))

The English Sense of Humour. Is there any? ( sure, there is)) I'm just checking)) )

2.Age: ...

Letters and Comments

 Right, we would like to know if you Cool English readers out there would be interested in seeing a Letters and Comments section in the magazine. If so, would you contribute? What sorts of things would you contribute? What complaints, comments, ...

Where does this word come from?

 Hello All,
We, your friendly Cool English staff, would really like to know which word out of the above you would like to know the root of. So, please vote, and we'll ask our expert philologist (with whom we have an interview in the next issue ...

Which country?

 To which English-speaking country would you most like to go and why? Let's hear some really interesting answers, folks! And not just England or America...Remember, there's Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Malta... ...

Let's write a story:)

 Hello all!! I suggest writing an exciting story, I can start, everyone can join! No limitations as far as the plot is concerned.
So, shall we try? :)

It was an ordinary summer evening in an ordinary town...

Russian-English multilanguage jokes

 Всем привет. Поскольку cool english журнал веселый, решил завести тред посвященный многоязыковым шуткам. Т.е. таким что бы понять юмор которых надо знать и русский и английский.
Начну с примера.
Лог "беседы" человека и автоматического ...

Game with no name...

 Hi there, Cool English readers!
I’ve got a new game here for you. I don’t know its name, but you may call it any name you want. The more players take part in the game, the better.

Here are the rules of the game:
the first player takes ...

Cool English Magazine: What Do You Want?

 What do you want from Cool English Magazine?

Lots of people love the magazine - but we want more people to love it! And in order to do that, we need to understand what you want from Cool English.

So please, write your comments here! ...



You've heard of Superman.

You've watched Batman.

And you've fallen in love with Catwoman (well,some of us did...)

But do you know Grammarman?!

Probably not - yet!

Follow ...

your favourite musicals=D

 That's me again! Let's speak about the beautiful!!)) What are your favourite musicals? For example, I do take off on "Notre Dame de Paris")))And you?

Collective nouns;)

 Давайте поделимся своими знаниями о собирательных существительных! Я начну:
a shoal of fish (мелкая рыбёшка)
a school of sharks ( рыбищи (дельфины, кстати, тоже))

Really interesting things...

 You know, there are a lot of interesting and sometimes incredible things in the Internet. The variety of texts, riddles, anecdotes, uncommon language teaching methods, rhythms of wisdom, etc. In my remote past I was a teacher - collecting ...

How the irregular verb is being 'drived' to extinction

 Is the languague of Shakespeare, with its rich and varied irregular verbs, heading for extinction?
The process beginned hundreds of years ago and bringed a huge change in our use of the language.

Now researchers believe more ...

Alphabet game =)

Here is the game you might like to try to play.
It is called Alphabet.
it begins this way: I went to Aberdeen (a city, or a name of any place that begins with A)) to do (name an action that begins with A) and something ...


 I have an interesting and useful game for you, which will help us to broaden the lexical skills. If I'm not mistaken, it's called "Vertical". The whole point is that the first person writes one word (it is desirable to be a long one) and choose the ...

Who nor be in course!!!

 Come again?

The war in Osetia.

 Что за фигня! уже тупых вроде не осталось(компьютеры и все такое), для кого весь этот спектакаль с человеческими жертвами. Что творится в этой гребаной Америке. Развязать войну в день открытия олимпийских игр!!! Или это проиcходит потому ...

What do you want to improve the most about your English?

 Vote and leave comments here, so we can find out what it is you want to improve most. Maybe you feel that you speak well, but don't understand people? Or maybe you feel that you understand well, but are too afraid to speak? Or maybe the problem's ...


 What is your favourite and least favourite accent and why? (Can be any English one, American, Australian etc...)


 I got a question, perhaps it may sound strange or stupid, if so - just neglect it.
Well, I was wondering what vistas has the English language open up for you? Roughly speaking where can you apply your knowledge of English?
Sorry, this ...

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