What is your opinion of...?


 What do you think about associative language teaching method?
Have found English course in Internet
What do you think about it? I dont want to swot up English words =(

 Briefly:Sometimes they can be useful but I wouldn't keep to them all the time.

 Why? What is the best method?

 Associative methods are the best for learning English and other languages I think. I had an experience of using one, and if it hadn't been for my laziness, I would know many thousands of words now. Just siiting and learning words by heart cannot be effective, i never could do this. Discussing is better.)))

 The best method I believe (my own experience) to have a good teacher and desire to learn more. Everything must be combined. The most effective for me is discussing, speaking and learning more words. Practice speech and you will get brilliant results! Now,working as interpreter I don't have enough speaking practice but everything I had studied sufficiently helps me, especially lexics!