Давайте общаться на английском!!!


 Where did you study English?)))))

 When here there will be people, we shall communicate! Here never anybody is not present, in a network

my darling....`m not in good mood now(((

I can speak all of this but however I can make some mistakes so please don`t pay attention)))

 For a long time and I did mistakes, in due course I was corrected... How are you doing?

 I'm sorry.... [:-}

 Hi!!! =))

 hi!!!!How are you doing?

 Not bad...)) And you?))

 At me all is good*HELP*:'(

 wtf..i just cant get you guys..

 Hi! How life?

And whot about you??

 At me all is good! Now I eat.....

 Hello everybody! as it is interesting! Only I'm not understand .. how are you?

 Мария Пучеглазик Are you teacher? Ohhh.... I'm sorry.:) I didn't think so.:) Do you like your job?:)

 I have a session now. Don't know how to manage with all debts :((

 You have gone to a ass, with the English language fools! What to you, it is not enough Russian? At first on it learn to talk, donkeys stupid! A member suck morons!

 Well...I think that you mustn't be so agressive,Platon.

 Hello everybody!!!How are you?Can you add me to your friend?

 Fuck off!!!

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