Давайте общаться на английском!!!


 In english, please! :)

 Let's choose topic for discussion!;) any ideas??

 Hmmm, maybe about USA?:) I think, that topic is very good!:)

 yes, of kos))) my name is alisa and im a 18...yo!

 If you gonna speak about States, I can guess, that you have already visited this country! Where have you been???)

 I gotta question.do you guys have classes for advanced english speakers?

 Sure, but it is not an easy to pick up an advanced group for summer period!

 you mean collect the group.right?

 what about teachers?who are they?native speakers?

 For advanced groups only!) For another groups only meetings with them!)

 Мария Пучеглазик No, I haven't been there, but I am goung to USA next year. I'm gonna study and work there.:)

 Where do you want to study? Do you have a joboffer?

 No,I haven't it. Did you hear about Au PAir programm?

 And where did you study english language?

 Exellent)) I am teaching) What about you?

 Hello,my dear friends!How do you do?...)

 Hi by all! How are you?

 hello, I`m fine! And how are you?)))

 I not so............ I seem I am sick, when will be here we copy! Well?

 Дарья Black violet Сергеевна Introduce yourself a bit)))

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