Давайте общаться на английском!!!


 Helloy people!I am very poloho know English, but you try poobschatchya (

 well )))

 Guys, how about without bad words.....Hmmm?

 I am agree with Julietta))))
and what do you think about summer holidays or summer vacation???))
Lets speak about it?))

 Ohhhhhh...... I like it. For example, I was on the beach today. It very good and pleasant season for me, because I don't like cold weather!!! And....how about you?:)

 And I like it very much!!!!!!!!:)) because it is funny;))

 Where is the sun I wonder??!!

 Yeah, we should not swear any longer!
Swearing is a really addicted shit! I mean once you've tried you can control this
fucking thing))))) Just joke.

To Lera : Perhaps in Jamaica)))))
So guys, who wants to speak English like really good? - I can help))
Attention! Only girls will be helped! LOL)))))))))))))))))

 I want!!!!!)))

 Я вас не понимаю...хмм =(
надо учить английский=)!

 Yes, I agree with you, of course summer is the best season.It's funny: we don't must get up early, don't go to school- it's my dream dyring the year))))
It's realy WOU!!!!

 кто хочет DVD на английском "Елизавета" с Кейт бланшетт, "Долгая поволвка" с Одри Тоту, и Шоколад с Жюльетт Бинош и Джонни Деппом по 100 руб. пишите в личку. Только Питер.

 All the people enjoy summer holidays very much. It is a great pleasure to have a rest after a whole year of hard work or study. People like to travel during their summer holidays. Some people go abroad to see new countries, some people prefer to go to the country-side to enjoy country-life far from noise and fuss of big cities. Some people like to spend their holidays in cities, visiting theatres, museums and going sightseeing. But a great number of people go to the seaside in summer. I like to have rest at the seaside best of all.

 People, where are you?:)))

 all people have holidays))))))

 Regina, it's quite an essay!
Presently, there are two surrounding characteristics of this summer spoiling the life of folk - crisis (restricting the financial scope to go abroad for array of Russians) and... weather. Village is likely to be the hit of current season.

 Yes!!!I absolutely agree with you, Danila!!!Thanks for compliment!(about essay)!!!:)))

 :))) Hmmmm, I think, that all people MUST!!!! to be busy in summer.
People must to go to places for rest. How about me...... I'll go to the sea!:-)
I want to go there very much!!!

 It is good idea!!!I wish you remarkable rest:)))

When summer comes
I want to be
Sunburn, lazy, and really free
The sun shines brightly, and lovely sea
My friends, where are you?
Let’s join me!

 Oh! I too so consider that should have a rest and sunbathe in the summer... And the best for this place is the sea.

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