Situation in Georgia!!!!


 So this blog is created to hear what you think about the situation in Georgia, your views and points you wanna make will be discussed only in English... Even if you still wanna leave a comment write in russian, but since its an English club lets try it all in English.....

 I'm very worried about the Georgian people, it is very scary to hear about all the bombings happening in outskirts of Tbilisi and deaths in South and North Ossetia.

Apparently the russian cites are blocked in Georgia and they cant access news in russian inside Georgia... how ridiculously is that???

Synopsis doesn't look good, and there is a small chance that this will end in piece.

I hope that the situation will end soon and no more people will die in a stupid war like this!

 The bad guy here is Saakashvili. That is the person who is responsible for all violence happening there. The war will be finished IF:
- The current President of Georgia is arrested and/or
- All military forces are withdrawn from Ossetia

The Russias position is understandable. The position of west is anderstandable too. It is a good chance to disgrace Russia and to consolidate themselfs in Georgia.

I ask all mass media to give the full independent and true information. However, as I can see according to Yahoo, CNN it is not so.

That is my point of view...

 well my sister lives inside of Tbilisi and I have visited Georgia twice and I can tell you that georgian people have seen enough from Russian regime... things they are doing is horrible and Saakashvilis politics are not right either... but the thing is georgian people are sick of russian bombs. too many georgian people died over the stupid war.
All Russian is trying to prevent is Georgia getting into NATO. And Georgians are hoping to get help from Europe and america to talk over the problem with russians and end it piecefully..Also they are trying to get rid of russian politics... everything in georgia depend from russia, the price of gas there is the same as in US and russia chooses to raise it as much as they want.

Georgian people cant live that way anymore, in last 5 years so many investors came to Georgia and in one year they had so many new infrastructure and new jobs.

Stories i have heard fomr people living in Tbilisi is scary... they didnt have light and and hot water for more than 6 years... you should see the outskirts of tbilisi... it looks horrible. Country have so much history and stupid russians have destroyed everything... all their historical monostyrs and churches inside are painted with white paint over all icons. russians are just assholes and think they can do anything they want

with this war they want to prove to georgia that nobody will help them and that they should give up the land and listen to russian regime.

but we all know it will go on for a while. and def no country will help the Georgians military wise. nobody wants to mess with russia.


 Lyaka, the kazakh people are the same....

 Lyaka you're bot wrong about Russian position about Georgia. All they are doing is just helping Osetiya to get freedom from Georgia.

 read the news in english not russian... i have read ffrom all sources, china, britain, US, russia...

i mean they dont like Saakashvili and his politics with Western world and they def dont want htem to be in NATO plus i just rele dont like the russians for everything they do, Putins politics are so messed up and noone knows what he and Medvedev are planning...
just hope no civilians will get hurt in this mess

 Ossetiya don't wanna be free and independent country, Ossetiya just want to be an authonomy republic, part of Russian Federation. Ossetiya just wants to change the owner...

 well most of them already have russian passports...

 (last news... russian tanks are inside tbilisi and police is enforcing civilians stay at home. )

 fuckin Russians,get out of Georgia!

 "Russians Go Home", it's sounds like "Yankee Go Home".... =)))

 lol agree with you my dear Ferzana!!!