What is your favourite english saying?


 Where there is a will, there is a way.

 You can find inspiration in everything, and if you can't then look again!

 Everything is good in its season)))

 An apple a day keeps a doctor away)) or actions speak louder than words.


 Du-du-du...I've got some apples
Du-du-du...U've got some too! ))))))))))

 Nothing lasts forever)) and it's true

 early to bed, early tp rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise!

 I hve butterflies in my stomack..(me, every day)

 What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.
It's my favourite, even my Mum's in the habit of using this saying.. )

 A friend in need is a friend indeed)))
That's because of PLACEBO)))

 It`s not a proverb or something like that,but i like it:Men`s eyes were made to look,let them gaze(W.Shakespeare)

 ' I've got it from the horse's mouth'- info that comes from someone who is directly involved. In my eyes, it's cute)


 You gotta do what you gotta do!

 You have to find in your heart a kingdom
It wiil the beginning of your wisdom
And your hurted soul will gain the freedom


 It`s my own thoughts!
It`s a part of my new song!

 Do you compose songs? Do you have a band?

 Do more than exist:live
Do more than touch:feel
Do more than look:observe
Do more than read:absorb
Do more than hear:listen
Do more than listen:understand
Do more than think:reflect
Do more than just talk:say something.


 you f****g blow job!!!

 fuck the fucking fackers

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