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The times are not displayed in pm or am.


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The distance of these tabs doesn't look that well. Would be a better look if all tabs got the same size.


1st is that on the main page, "Vkontakte is a universal means for searching people". I reckon it would be better if you leave it as "Vkontakte is a high-tech tool for finding people rom all over the globe", or smth like that.

another thing is the traslation of "ВКонтакте". If you mean "VKontakte" as in "staying in touch with your family and friends", then i think it would be better to translate the name as " [in]touch". it just sounds better lol

there are still some bugs with russian left on the site - like "Приложения" isnot yet translated, notifications are still in russian, some other features too.

in closed groups, i think it's better to write "...or approved by a member of administration", or "... administrator". (ps- officers - did you get that from facebook by any chance? xD)


Удалить место работы -> Remove jobs (Remove place job'">I'm in Contact
Maybe to change the phrase - I'm in VKontakte ?

2. Я переключился на английский, но города в "Моих местах" на украинском

 Общий языковой баг:
Профиль-> Личные данные-> Конт. Инф.-> Никнейм:
В строке:
на $forum_name
постоянные проблемы какие-то.
У одних пользователей на русском, у других на укр.
А на англ вообще кажись не переведино...

 При переходе по ссылке на учебное заведение, в поиске пишет High School вместо College.

 [ Add an Nickname ]

maybe _a_ nickname?!

 When you wanna send file to your friend on his/her wall there is function: Post | All functions. When you choose a song- insteed of the english word: "Send" on the right side of the name of the song there is still written "отправить"!!! Check it out!!!
P.S. The same thing is in graffity!!!

 1) ->My Settings -> General
Why "Your id" but "Change My ..."? Let's do the single style.

2) ->My Settings -> Privacy
Isn't it better to write "Who Can See (or Watch) Photos Of Me" rather than "View", or do I misunderstand the idea?

Why do you use capital letters at the beginning of the words in questions? Are these questions titles? Even if they are, you should choose whether to write all words with capital initials or not to use them in form words.
Compare: "Who Can Invite Me _to_ Events" and "Who Can Write _On_ My Wall".

3) ->Settings -> Notifications
"Notify Me When Somebody Leaves a Comment About My Photo"
May be "Notify Me When Somebody Comments My Photo"?

"Notify Me About New Invitations to Join a Group"
May be "Notify Me About New Invitations To Groups"?

4) ->Settings -> Blacklist

"Adding someone to your blacklist will hide your page from them and block messages and invitations from them"

Can be "Adding someone to your blacklist will hide your page from _him or her_ and block messages and invitations from _him or her_."
Or: "Adding people to your blacklist will hide your page from them and block messages and invitations from them."
Anyway, it's necessary to concord numbers of pronouns.

"You haven’t added anyone to your blacklist."
May be: "There is noone in your blacklist"

6) Main page:
May be it's better to write "Photo_s_"?

7) My Profile -> My Albums
"Edit" starts with a capital, but "add photos" does not.


 A bug in "Offers"?
На странице профиля высвечивается:
"Would you like ..."
А на странице предложений(matches.php):
"Would you like to ..."
Соответственно с "to" какая-то проблема. Как формулировать предложение.

+Bug fixed

 Offers - 'Refusal Accepted' is a bit of a contradiction!
'Offer Refused' would be much better.

 Bug во всех языковых версиях.

При ответе на анонимный отзыв, в сообщении название темы на языке ОТПРАВИТЕЛЯ!

 "Please note that this message was sent as a reply to your anonymous opinion, and the sender is not likely to know who you are. If you reply using this form the sender will receive a standard not anonymous message."
I think it would be better if it said "the sender will receive a normally addressed, not anonymous, message.
Or something like that at least.

 wall-to-wall messages displayin with the same font like hyperlinks.

 PS only on my own wall, on other's its ok

 I got a problem with education update. When I add new higher education, it shows me correctly on my edit site, but on my page it doesn't show it at all. what to so?

 а можно привязать язык к пользовтаелю, а не компу? у меня муж пользуется английской версией, я русской... так и мучаемся.... я вот еще могу переключить, а для него проблема:)

 "See All" в меню Friends дробится на 2 строки:

 При удалении комментариев каждый раз появляются разные фразы: то "Undo", то "Restore"...

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