Lecture "America's Struggle to Understand Itself: Rap, Blogging, Youthspeak and Spanglish"


 David Fay is a great lecturer, indeed. His way to introduce the topic and interact with the audience is smth every teacher/professor should learn. Unluckily, I couldn't be present till the end, but what I 've heard is of great use. And what are your impressions?

 Do you mean his ELE lecture or the one at the Foreign Languages Plus Fair? Unfortunately I failed to visit the latter. But ELE was just great. Not so typical for ELE: handouts, a quiz, close interraction with the audience. And what is really impressive is his way to outline the main idea of the talk and to be different. I think if a man is a public person, he is such in any situation.

 I mean both! It was great! Thanks!