SI activities


 I was thinking that it would be fun to discuss our thoughts and impressions from the various outside of class SI activities (i.e. Saturday's picnic, Tuesday's sex talk and the other ones coming up).If you attended, would you share your thoughts and feelings about it??? Did you like it? Did you hate it? Any special memories, comments, questions??? Highlights??? Stories??? anything :)))

 I loved the picnic! It was soo much fun to play games with y'all :) I think it was one of the best picnic's put on by SI that I have been to. Thanks all for being brave to play princess, knight and the dragon. That was my fav :)

 The picnic wad really great!!! I enjoyed it :) I know a person who has a video of princess, knight and the fragon play :) It's so funny

 I'd love to see it, can you post it??? :)))

 and is this Tanya writing, by the way???