What do you think about thrue feels when you'll speak foreign language?


 I think it's impossible, because we're all play some role espessialy when we talk foreign languages.

 I think that it's possible. we can show our true feelings we only must know how to do it))

 How we can understand another man's true feelings? Can we trust him?

 very interesting question. I think language doesn't play a big role in process of understanding other man's feelings. Not always a person feels what he says and his words are just words. Some people are very sociable, so they may show what they feel. Some people are shy, so even if you are a native speaker you may not understand what does he feel.
May be it's a bit more difficult to understant person's fellings if he's not a native speaker because most non-native do not сonnect the meanings of the words with theirs true emotions.
But if you are a good psychologist you may get to the core any liar.

 I believe this topic is nonsense, of course you will ask me why?I can explain..To be precise only those people can think in this way who have never been fathfull to his native language(mothertongue)...And in either event you will be under the delusion if you are not a master English!