British Comedy


 What British comedy or comedians do you people like / watch / listen to?
I'll let you guys go first before I tell you which I like... :)

 mmm Jeeves and Wooster?

 Smack the Pony

 Smack the Pony is very good. If you like that, Aleksandr, perhaps you should try 'Green Wing'? It's rather surreal....also, did you know that the Russian programme Женская лига is based on Smack the Pony? Fact-tastic!
Jeeves and Wooster isn't my thing, but I know it's very popular here. I am a big fan of Stephen Fry's, you should try his podcasts - they're excellent. He did a fascinating one recently on the origins of languages, so relevant too.

 Hey there!
I would advise British comedies like "Only Fools and Horses", "Blackadder", "Fawlty Towers", "Dad's Army" and "Vicar of Dibley"

All are very English humour and great =)

 I'll second Blackadder; though we called it Slackbladder at school.

 I love films like "Nottin Hill", "Love Actually", "Bridget Jones's Diary".

 Captain Slackbladder... as named by Flashheart in the RAF episode of Blackadder goes forth =)

 Monty Python. I love that accent!

 The Royle Family, The Office, The Extras (am Ricky Gervais's fan - so is Stephen Fry, he said so in one of the interviews!:), Jeeves and Wooster. Little Britain is funny, but a bit crude.

 Yes, that's it, Little Britain! It's hilarious.

 Kyptsov: So you like your Richard Curtis 'romcoms'!
Monty Python is brilliant!
I am a serious Ricky Gervais fan, has anyone tried his podcasts, they're brilliant!?
Also, has anyone ever watched the IT Crowd, Alan Partridge or Peep Show? They're three of my very favourites...

 Yes, Will, I do love these films, although I'm not sure about romcoms in general. Actually I would say no to romcoms with the abovementioned exceptions.

I have watched IT Crowd, it's cool. I love the girl and all their accents. I don't remember quite well, but they all speak different accents, don't they? What are they, by the way?

 Roy speaks with an Irish accent, Moss speaks with a neutral, but very geeky accent, and Jen speaks with a slight London accent, but quite posh nonetheless.

 She IS posh, that's true :) While watching I couldn' t get the idea out of my head that I had seen that actress in some movie before. Is that possible?

 I'm gonna watch Ricky Gervais Animals - someone's told me it's really good

 It crowd is my favourite, though I haven't seen many British comedies yet. "Jen" had a small part in a movie "Как стать знаменитым и заставить всех себя ненавидеть" Something like this I guess. So did Roy. So yes, it's possible.
I also enjoy a cartoon "Shaun the sheep" very much. It helped me to survive after extraction of a wisdom tooth! Humour is healing!

 Shaun the Sheep is brilliant! He first appeared on A Close Shave, which was a Wallace and Gromit film. Has anyone seen any Wallace and Gromit? They're short films and each character is made from plasticine (a kind of clay for kids) and then modelled in different poses for every shot. Each film takes years to make but they're really funny. Truly an art form!

 Nadya: Animals is brilliant!!! Try and watch Politics and Fame, too, they're his other ones! They're hilarious!

 Also, did you know Наша Раша is based on Little Britain? Голые и смешные has recently become one of my favourite comedies, it's brilliant!!!

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