Fear of stay in a stranger country


 Who was in England? Or were you in a stranger country, not knowing their mother tongue? What did you felt a few first hours?

 I was in England in 2005. I went as a student of Agrarian University on agricultural work. In my group was 4 people, the same age like me (19). Our bus from Ukraine live us in London and we were must to purchase tickets in York (journey 6 hours on a bus from London) and ring our future owner. To ask about a place where he meet us. It was terrible. Nobody wanted to call. I decided. I dialed up, babbled everything that thought of . And asked in the end: will we be met at this time? I expected in reply : yes or no, but a woman began me something quickly to tell or question.I was confused. And that seems on the face of it very simple (we teach it from school : how to purchase a ticket, how to ask time....elementary questions in English) from fear seems awfully executable

 Yes, in trips to other countries exists somthing awfull. In Great Britan people don't like foreigners. And a lot of reasons fo this... First - some foreighers don't respecting english culture and citizen's good night's sleep... There are 35000 bars and clubs that stay open up to 5 a.m. already. The capacity of such bars is 50000 people. This tourists are very noise, they bringing nuisance and crime. All these reasons are prevent to usual tenants of city of London. We alse must enter in their position. And in times of course they might be roughtly with us)

 If I less somthing or do any mistake please tell me. I only school boy....)

 Thank you for your opinion !!!