Runglish Vocabulary. Derived from English.


 English Runglish
Abortion Abort
African American Negro
Arse Ass (American preference)
Astronaut Cosmonaut
Brown bread Black bread
Building House
By means of With the help of
Chancellor Rector
Class, period, lecture, etc Lesson
Committee Commission
Condom Preservative
Conference Conferension
Correct Right
Cousin Brother/sister
Dad( dy ) Father
Dinner Supper
Distinctive Specific
Father Christmas Grandfather Frost
Ground floor First floor
(Female) friend Girlfriend
(Male) friend Boyfriend
Handsome Beautiful
Hard Hardly
Issue (of a magazine) Number
(The) latest Last
Lecturer, professor, reader etc Teacher
Lunch Dinner
Mum( my), Mom(my) Mother
New Fresh
Particular Concrete
Police (in Russia ) Militia
Saunta Claus Grandfather Frost
Street Road
To convey To express
To damage To injure
To die To be dead
To do sport To go in for sport
To leave something (at home) To forget something (at home)
Town City
Underground Metro
Violation Breaking
Would like To want

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 Runglish or Ruglish or Russlish is the variety of English spoken by native speakers of Russian in many countries (especially in Russia and the CIS). What makes it distinctive is its pronunciation, sometimes vocabulary, and grammar. The working language aboard the International Space Station has been described as Runglish.


1. Runglish speakers make no distinction between long and short vowels: ea (heat) and i (hit), or (port) and o (pot), ar (heart) and u (hut), etc.

2. Runglish ? (bad) sounds as e (bed).

3. Final lenis consonants are pronounced as fortis ones, that is dog sounds as dock, hard as heart, etc.

The following joke vividly illustrates some of the grammatical issues presented above.
Two gentlemen have the following conversation in Trafalgar Square:

"Excuse me, which watch?"
"Near six watch."
"Such much?"
"For whom how..."
"MGIMO finished?"