English Discussion Club


Informal meeting

 Last summer we organized few informal meetings - and I think we spent good time.
I'm planning new informal meeting - it's a good way to get to know better the participants and our new teacher Yoni.
Please let me know:
would you like ...

Topics for Discussing

 Please let me know what topics you would like to discuss at our classes. Ideas about interesting activities are also welcomed)

Anyone Looking for a Private English Tutor?

 Hi everyone!

My name is Rage. I'm a graduate student of Journalism by day and an online English tutor by night. I've been working as a professional English tutor since 2004.

I offer private English online tutorials catering ...

FAQ по Английскому Дискуссионному Клубу

 Здесь собраны ответы на основные вопросы о нашем Клубе. Если хочется получить еще какую-то информацию - спрашивайте=)

Где проходят занятия Клуба?
Встречи проходят в студенческом центре Гилель (дом еврейской культуры ЕСОД, ...