Informal meeting


 Last summer we organized few informal meetings - and I think we spent good time.
I'm planning new informal meeting - it's a good way to get to know better the participants and our new teacher Yoni.
Please let me know:
would you like to joint?)
have you any ideas about place? (bar/restaurant)
what about date?


 With Great Pleasure!!!!
What do you think about 26 of February?
It would be Tuesday..
but..what about place..?
I need some time to think...

 Lena, may be Thursday?

but only if it would be after 20.00...
I would be working till that time...
or I can join you after 20.00 = )
but - where are the others?
Is there anybody else, who want to meet?

//sorry for my poor English - I need more practice...//

 Hey guys, how is it going I think this discussion club is a great idea, and would absolutely love to participate sometime! I'm not in St Petersburg right now, but I may be there sometime soon... So hopefully, we'll get to meet! Have a good one!

 Hi Cherry! you are welcome) you can send me your mail in private message, so I'll send you info about topics.

 Hey - Is anybody here?..

 Lena, I'm gonna discuss this topic on tomorrow's (heh - today's=) class and I'll write you about the results.
I don't think your English is bad)