Very big problem


 I'm to face a great problem!)My friend and I were forced to take part in the literature conference and now we have an extremely boring work about "Childhood.Adolescence.Youth." by Leo Tolstoy.
Dear Cool English readers and Cool Towers!Please help me 'cheer up' this work=D
Any suggestions and interesting, funny facts will be useful)
Thank you:)

 Well, well-well-well, have you heard about Daniil Kharms? This guy made fun of Tolstoy and other writers with fictitious stories about them. He paid a lot of attention to Tolstoy's 'love for children'! That might be fun, I guess.

 Dasha, give us a little more info, and we might be able to help. What are you expected to do, but cheering it up? Re-write it? Interpret it in a different way? Write a fun review of it? Or just burn copies of it over an open fire, while filming it at the same time?

 I would like the last thing, cause it's not my scene at all.
But interpreting it in a different way and writing a fun review would be better.
You see, we've got several facts about his life, about the beautiful image of his Mom and about his character Nykolien'ka with The Green Stick of Happiness and his old tutor.


 By the way, Alexander, thank you for your advice!
I will find his stories.

 Welcome :) You can do it right on my page, Дарья. Be my guest :)

 I think you should write a modern day version of this story; I haven't read it so I've no idea what goes on in it, but I'd place Tolstoy into a modern setting; he's a Noviy Russkiy, whose father made money in the early '90s, driving black BMW 5 series, with a malinoviy pidzhak, you know, typical stuff. So that was his adolescence. His youth is in the 2000's when he becomes the zolotoi molodezh, driving his bentley while sniffing cocaine, going on holiday to the Alps and getting arrested for loads of things, buying British football teams, etc. And his childhood - well, you can do a depressing portrait of the decaying Soviet Union during the '80s.

 Oh, thanks! LOL I like it.

 Yes, there was this film "Даун Хаус" where they placed Dostoyevsky's "Idiot" into a modern setting. That was really cool and to be honest it's the only film version of the book I've been able to accept since I saw it for the first time :)