Greatest Band Of All Time


 Cool English 47, our Beatles special, is on sale now! I've already got my copy.... So, to celebrate the Beatles, we'd like to know who you consider the greatest band of all time. I, obviously, think it's the Beatles... anyone disagree?

 The Rolling Stones. No question. Paint It Black is the finest music track of all time.

 No!! Кино is better anyhow.

 Queen, it goes without saying)))))

 The BEATLES, people??!! Voted #1 on Rolling Stones' Top 100 Greatest Artists Of All Time!!!

 The Beatles deffinitely!)
But the RS's sound is great!)) I like them more=)

 Led Zeppelin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!They're the best band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I don't get it! Why should there be only 1 greatest band of all times? I like Beatles very much and admire their contribution but Queen is my favourite because of it's incredible spirit! As many people as many tastes!

 I agree with you Евгения Костюкова.
We all have different tastes...

 Cos a boy set up this topic, and boys can only think about one thing at a time!

 Where is The Who?

...and The Jam?


 Ah, it's so weird and funny :))

I'd say Radiohead

 Radiohead? Noooooooooo! They're the band of suicidal teenagers...
Obviously, undoubtedly and definitely it's the Beatles:
-So many styles! Rock n Roll, Pop, Ballads, Skiffle, Reggae, Rock, Tin Pan Alley, psychadelia....
-Over 1 billion record sales internationally
-15 number one albums
-12 studio albums in 10 years

Евгения: I think we should vote for a greatest band of all time, because there has to be a band that has had the most influence. Remember, this questionnaire doesn't ask which is your favourite band, but rather which is the *greatest*.
Сергей: I love the Who and the Jam, they're fantastic and definitely in my top 10, but they were nothing compared to the Beatles!

 Will Vernon
I think, we can definite only "The most popular group" on those factes, that you wrote. But how definite the gratest band, which cretaries

 Hey, where is Pink Floyd???? PF is the best band ever... :))

 The Who is way up there, certainly; and PF - man they rock! But the Stones still get my vote - because they're still doing it! That's what makes them the greatest. The Beatles came, made a mess, and burned out. Like most other bands. The Stones, despite enough drugs to make every Colombian a millionaire, are still rocking. I saw them in Palace Square last year, and it was like it was in 1966.

 You saw the Stones in 1966???:))))

 I wish!

Actually I once had an old guy tell me about how his friend invited this new band to his 18th birthday party in a barn in Wiltshire, and this band from London turned up, with long hair, playing the most incredible music any of them had ever heard - but they were gutted, because the girls were all over the band, and ignored the other party goers. That was just before the Stones hit the big time.

 How did Oasis get into this questionnaire, may I ask?
Did either of them put up a fight with anyone from the CE team? :))

 The poor taste of the Editor, I'm afraid. PF would have been in there had I been at the controls.

And no, I've never taken to fisticuffs with them. Though I think a good slapping might make them shut up and see sense.

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