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там организуются встречи,на которых(как я поняла)смотрят фильмы на английском а затем их обсуждают?

да мы смотрим фильмы на английском (часто в дополнение с английскими субтитрами) , а потом их обсуждаем ...

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 == May, 22, 2009 ==

Canadians invite all students to English Movie Night


At the same place and at the same time.
Meet on the top of escalator on metro Pl.Muzhestva ...

Your impressions about the last English Movie Night? Did you like the movie and talks?

 It was the best movie we ever watched at our EMNs! Thanks, Tina!


 (From the movie Madagascar)

What is a real friend?
What do you think it would be like to be lost in the wild?
If you were lost in the wild what would you miss the most?
What are the examples of friendship and the quality of friendship ...

Phrases from the last movie night

 (From the movie- The Majestic)

Folks - people, older term for dude
Sort things out – think about things and figure them out, plan or make a decision
Black listed – a bad list to be on, to be rejected or excluded
Pops in – come ...

Is there a movie you wanna watch?

 Give your ideas and we'll try to watch the movie! :)

Damah!!!! :-)

 I really enjoyed it!

I liked the discussion, tea, films!:-)

Ain't it cool that we can talk about 1 minute movie for half an hour? :-)

What about you? Did you liked the last eng movie night this year?

Pride and Prejudice

 Did you enjoy the movie?