Звонок в офис (some useful phrases)


 Can I speak to Peter Safin, please?
Are you busy?
Can I call you back?

Please hold on.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
I'll transfer you.

What's the area code for Dublin?
Dial 9 to get an outside line.
Press the starkeytwice.

This is a very bad line.
You're breaking up.
The reception is very bad.

Would you like to leave a message?
Leave a message on my voicemail.
I'm in a meeting. I'll call you back.

I think we've covered everything.
Speak to you soon.
Bye for now.

 сталкиваюсь с этим часто, работаю на ресепшн=)

 есть курс хороший telefoning in english, жалко альбомы в аудио никак не сделают, выложил бы скопом