What comes to your mind when you think about Great Britain?


 Afternoon tea, London, Queen, football, Sherlock Holmes a nd James Bond do))))

 My examination comes to my mind....<:0

 Harry =))))))))))


 Sasha, try to think about someone else))))

 "You, you are always on my mind..." =))))))
as you see, i can't =))

 When i think about Great Britain, i imagine London with its charming sights, especially churches,squares,cathedrals,parks,museums and galleries)))
But to tell the truth, i'm most tempted by The House of Parliament:)

 "London is the capital of Great Britain", this sentence was the beginning of the most popular school topic :)

 Courses, visas(since now I work in the agency which deals with it)), Big Ben, a lot of English speaking people everywhere))

 I don't know exactly... When I think about GB I imagine a Foggy Albion, with its legends. Runes... Stonehange (I don't remember the spelling, but I think it's like that...)... ))))))))))))

 Big Ben, rains, fogest, double decker bus, and many other steriotypes.

 Beatles and English fimls with gorgeous accent:)

 I always imagine that i live in a castle

I s'pose everybody to have some superstitions about UK
-> thinkin' of England- it's the Queen that has nothin' to do but to read the Times havin' breakfast & to participate in everyday ceremony of "lockin' the doors', The London Eye flashed through my mind - a modern symbol of London as Londoners think...
As for Scotland- it's an annual Festival of Music & Drama, dreadful accents, funny kilts, bagpipes & people who r a bit stingy for displayin' their emotions
Wales...hmmm...the fact is we know almost nothin' about it...just a dragon of Cadwallader as a national symbol...but there is no use in it))
NI...the Irish r supposed to be great talkers...
All in all, idle thoughts aboutThe UK evoke the strong desire to visit it & to see everything with your own eyes
Ooph...that's it. Looks like an essay) Don't you think?))


 Being a professional teacher, I've got a question/ Don't you think you should mind your grammar: WHAT COMES TO YOUR MIND.......?

Sorry to correct, didn't mean to hurt anyone.

 If we speak about stereotypes, it will be of course the Queen, Big Ben, mist, the Thames, 5 o'clock tea and so on. As for my personal associations, Great Britain is the mother of heavy-metal.

 Anastacia, i don't want to doubt your professionalism or whatever but... it's possible to say "What does come..." if it's emphatic.

It'd be easier if we take Russian for a while -
What comes to your mind... - Что приходит Вам на ум...
What does come to your mind... - Что действительно/на самом деле приходит Вам на ум...

You've just saved my reputation)))

 I'm trying to do my best, cutie))

 Today i had a dream..that I was in London..and that i fell down from the 20-floored tower..but I was alive..it's strange..what do u think of it?

 It's a miracle))

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