Noisy city with a huge number of its entertainments or countryside with its calmness


  What style of life do you prefer? Somebody can't imaging his life without noisy crowd, cinema and cars passing by. But others enjoy sitting near the river looking at the water. What do you prefer???

I belong to the second category of the people. The best weekend for me is the day in the country with forest, lake and millions of butterflies flying around me.

 Nice topic))
Well, I am more of a city person, though I agree about the weekends. I think I'd live in the city till about 40, then move to the countyside. That's ideal!
A weekend out with friends.. near the lake, or in the forest.. niiiceee)))

 I can agree with you. Most of the people spend the first half of their lifes in the city. Even if your soul belongs to countryside you will choose a city. All of us need education(I mean not only school education, but high school education). Most of us can find job only in the city because of specificity of occupation. The modern world dictates us its rules.

 i can not but agree: living in a city is very convenient... but it is very stressful also.. i`d prefer a little two-storeyed house somewhere in the Carpathians.. it`s my dream.. i love mountains.. fresh air, birds singing in the trees, deep blue sky above, no noisy crowds around, no neighbours, no civilization.. it`s utter paradise..

 Kate! i love your dreaming))))) it's nice!

 thank`s))) i really hate "big city life".. but, unfortunately, for the time being i can not move;).. but every summer i spend in the mountains..

 Yees!!! Mountains sre great!!!! It's my wish to see them. Unfortunately I saw only the the Caucasus but I would like to see the mountains of one of the northern countries like Norway or Finland. It seems to me that mountains are the personification of beauty, calmness and romance. It's the place where our inspiration wakes up and lets us embody all our ideas into the material form.

 i want to have at least two houses: the first - in the city, the second - in the countryside

 house in the city? why? maybe a flat is better? =)))

 But only in house you can feel the freedom. You can feel that you are far away from crowded streets and traffic jams. But flat is usually associated with citylife.
Of course, It's only my own associations. Someone can have another point of view. ;))

 I'm pretty urban, I like being in the city with people everywhere and lots of things going on. I study at a university that is in the city so I get to spend a lot of time there which is awesome. The city offers a lot and I often frequent various nightclubs on weekends. Having that said, I do find the countryside nice as well, sometimes we need to just find peace and time to clear the head and enjoying the country is perfect for that.

So I say a little bit of both, makes it perfect for me! :)