Where is W2?!!


 Guys - it's awfully quiet round here of late! I was sitting here wondering why, when I realised that W2, my wonderful Editor, has disappeared! Then I realised I hadn't seen him in the office for a few days, either. And I started wondering, where is he? Ideas please!

 Hi was just celebrating the birth a new child of him ;-)

 Maybe he abandoned a stuffy office to find and enjoy peace and perfection in Shaolin?

 Where there 's a Will there's a way!!! :-)

 What about the vice-versa case? :)))

 People, I am alive! I was kidnapped by a worldwide terrorist organisation and forced to work as a go-go dancer for trainee henchmen in a bar in deepest darkest Siberia! Luckily, I escaped after posing as a poor babushka and hitch-hiked my way back to St Petersburg!

PS Gin is the devil's sauce!

 Phew! There was me getting worried!

 Are you sure you've been drinking a gin? In deepest Siberia they drink samogon(ka) mostly.And vodka on a big holidays. Did you catch the difference ? ;-)

 Maybe in his case there's already no difference :))

 Well, it turns out, after issuing an international search warrant, calling on Interpol, and meeting with Big Dima Medvedev that he was in fact in Altai! And he'll be back tomorrow. Phew!