Have you ever been to England?


 Have YOU ever been to England??????


 Unfortunately, I haven't been to England but I dream about it. I believe that once my dreams will come true)))

 never but I talked to one man from England and it was like I was there...

 England... my only dream... beside Grand Canyon, Japan, new Ferrari and an appartment in Paris =))

no, i've never been there =(((

 If only I had a new Ferrari & an apartment in Paris, England would come TO ME!!! ))))

 No, it'll have problems with visa for sure... =)
Stupid English laws make it impossible to go to England from Germany((
I need to pay 90 euro and that sucks =(((

 Such a regretfull news!! It's so...so....SO UNFAIR! Why can't one visit the country he wants for free!! I hope, one day u'll be able to do it ))) & u'll be very happy =)))

You are in Germany now, you were in Paris two weeks ago and you are going to Belgium..

 I see I'm a lucky one =) I've been to England a couple of years ago and I went there FOR FREE =) Went as a group leader of 8 children (8 noisy, monstrous children!)... London is WOOOOOOOOOOOW =))

 Arina, thank s a lot =)) you are the only one who understands me =)

My little sister, i'm and i'll =))) Why are you so nervous - you were there with me already =))

 I`d like to go to GB of course... I`ll do it in 2 years probably... but I`ve been to the US twice.... it was a great experience...

 Well, Oльга, you will tell us what it is cooler)) in 2 years probably)))

 I was in London two years ago))It was amazing))I just love the city, it's soooo beautiful!!!and people are very polite and friendly,really. I want to go there again...Maybe we'll go all together?))

 No problems))) Вера, shall I already pack my things tomorrow?

 no..but..frankly speaking i do not want to go there..

 Yeah) And I'm going there this summer

 I haven't been to England. I hope that I'll visit Great Britain in the nearest future

 hmmm...I hope, that this summer Ill going to London!!!! I want to study english with native people)

 Unfortunately, nope. (

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