Why do we love English so much?


 Why English is so important for you?)))

 I don't know how to say, but i can't imagine my life without learning English,
It's a global language)))

 I`m learning english because i want to get a good job)))))))

 Is it the way for increasing the ability to get a good job, or you want to make money with English?

 I love English! It is so cool to understand foreigners!!!

 I don`t know, but english - international language, he can help me in my future job

 Vitya! We have already understood that u learn English to get a good job.
But if u want to say it once AGAIN in another interpritation, do, please!

 It's my hobby... All my free time goes to finding something new :)

 Learning a language is not only learning words and grammar. In addition you get to know the culture of the country, its history, mentality of the people. I went to England and I went to the States, and they seem to speak one and the same language... But they speak it differently and it's so interesting to make out that difference just for yourself. For me communicating with foreigners is every time an emotional upsurge, it's interesting and it's fun. Funny to see their reaction to whatever you are saying - they seem to be surprised that Russians are quite normal people =)

 раньше мне английский нравился, учила его в школе и в универ поступила из-за него. А тем летом съездила в Америку и поняла, как же я люблю свой родной русский язык и ненавижу английский, англичан и америкосов. Пришлось пообщаться и с теми, и с другими, какие же они все моральные уроды!..... вернулась домой, хотела из универа отчислиться, так этот язык был мне омерзителен. А сейчас ничего, привыкла. Да и учиться пол года осталось.
....работа за границей - упаси бог!!!!!!!!)

 Hm...Such an interesting opinion...I've never heard anything like that.

 I speak English rather well, I like it, because it helps to lean some new cultures. But now I'm fond of German. It's difficult at first, but I want to win!!!! I think, that every succesful person should have some knowledge of English!

 I can`t stand American English,The most beautiful is British English

 I agree with you)))

 Adore American English! Love watching American movies. Always listen to the accent and manner of speaking... :-)

 I like the language itself. I like the process of studying languages. Linguistics is a wonderful world and it's so exciting to sink in it. English is my first foreign language and it will always be my favourite one. Now I began to learn German and in the nearest future I'm going to begin to learn French. As for American English, when I was at school I hated it, thought it was "wrong" English. But as we studied it in University I saw that it's just a variant and it has a right to exist. In my speech I often use elements of both variants.

 Well, I don't even know why I prefer English to other subjects)) Maybe it's just not so difficult for me)))

 hm..why it is important for me?but..why not??))

 cuz it's pretty easy..it's cool..well, it's kinda famous..and it helps a lot in life :)

 Марина Цариценская, Маришка Давидян , why can't u stand American english?

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