Miss Cool English 2009


 We are holding a beauty pageant. All you gorgeous girls out there, send your photo to editorial @ coolenglish . co . uk

You can send us a photo of yourself with Cool English, at school, with friends or family, on holiday, or doing something that you really love doing. Just make sure the photo's clear so we can see your lovely eyes...!!

What do you all think of this idea, then?

 By the way, the winner will receive a special prize: a free photo-session in a top studio, with a professional photographer of models!

 Blatant sexism... surely we should have a Mr Cool English too?!

 #3 Кatie, +1 :-)

 We've just had Mr Cool English 2009 - and I won! I'd like to thank Putin, the Beatles and Cool English magazine for making my dream come true!!! :))

 As this devil-sexist-evil-what-else contest starts, can we expect nude pics in Cool English?

 In this case it'll be a special edition X-english ))

 Alex, why else do you think we came up with the idea?

 where i can to see photo??? it`s good idea :))))))

 Galka, issue 50 of Cool English will have the winning girl. Be sure to send a photo of yourself looking gorgeous (preferably, but not compulsorily, with an edition of Cool English) to [email protected] :)

 There are so many sexy girls in Russia, so show us that you're the sexiest of them all!!!!!

 Will Михалыч Vernon



 ok, have just sent you a photo.

wiil see =)

 Hooray! Have received a few entries now, but we want MORE, people! Don't be shy now, girls...

 Olga, your entries have been received - we much enjoyed them! Great photos. Come on girls, join in the fun!

 my pleasure, sir! =))

 oww don't tell me u're doing that 4 cool english!
datingdatingdating, that's what all the stuff's about, huh?

 Maybe WHJ and I just want to conduct a purely scientific investigation into the aesthetic qualities of Russian females....?

 And what fate will this idea suffer after the last news?

 Is it too late to take part in it?

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