Cool English 46


 Has anyone bought the new issue of Cool English yet? If so, what do you think?

 I stole one from the sklad. I think it's awesome! :)

 I bought my issue yesterday, and nearly missed my station in the metro, because i was deep in reading the magazine! :-)

 I read mine on pressdisplay.
I have never heard of the girl on the front cover.

 Svetlana, how did you discover the magazine initially? Was it on pressdisplay? We've had a rather erratic history with them, but it's organised now, at last...

 I bought it yesterday. It's my second, but I hope not the last issue, because it's really great and interesting to study english this way. Since I have been five years old, it's the best "teacher") I think I will subscribe.

 Elizaveta: We think you should too!
Svetlana: We hope having Marina on the cover will make her even more famous, as she does a really good job!

 Hi William, I found out about the magazine from a friend of mine. I wanted to buy it at first but then it was not offered for sale so I then found it on pressdisplay.
Friend --> cool English --> pressdisplay.

 Yes, I think we ought to advertise the PressDisplay thing a bit more. Maybe we can put an ad module for them in the mag and on the website.