Let's talking about our preferences in music


 Oh, am I the first one to write here?

Well, ok, let's start ;)

I mostly listen to rock music, from soft to savage :) I like Meg and Dia band, Arctic Monkeys, Good Charlotte, We Are Scientists, Garbage, IAMX, The White Stripes, Punish Yourself, Alec Empire etc.

I love drum'n'bass! No particular band (well, maybe Andy C), but I love drum'n'bass parties, where you dance all night without getting tired!

I also like trip-hop stuff, like Massive Attack, Goldfrapp, Portishead.

And my favourite at the moment - Sigur Ros, and icelandic band. They make mostly calm music.

As for rap & r'n'b, I hate it with passion! Though I like dancing to R'n'B at parties...

 Hey, Ульяна! I guess I'll be your opponent here. I used to hate rap and r'n'b myself before I ever come to US. As for now I love music of Ciara (especially "Like a boy" thing), Chris Brown, Diddy, PCD, Ja Rule, Chamillioner; some songs of 50cent and G-Unit and even Spanish r'n'b. Maybe because it's сonnected with nice memories:-) I usually listen to such kind of music in my car, 'cause it helps me to wake up completely and stop yawning when I'm drivig to work in the morning ;-) And of coarse I admit that lyrics of theese songs are TOTALLY stupid and pretty often rude and nasty.
I also like rock and alternative music, yet not really hard ones. I listen to almost all songs of Nickelback with great pleasure. And I also love Papa Roach, Metallica, 3 Doors Down, Daughtry, Green Day, Staind. Lately I've discovered for myself a nice pub where you can listen to live Rock music while sipping your beer.
Probably it's a shame but though I live in Russia I totally don't listen to Russian music, especially pop stuff .((
And yeah, I like classic instrumental music too! So from time to time I go to The Opera Theatre to enjoy ballet or opera :-)
Well, that's about it..

 Nice! I don't like Russian music either, I never did. Though when I moved to Belgium I started missing it, so I do download it sometimes, but I get annoyed by it pretty quickly.
And tomorrow I'm going to see The Presidents Of The United States Of America live!!! I love this band, can't wait :)
Are there a lot of festivals in Russia? Coz here in Belgium you have pretty much 2 or 3 per week in summer :) And as Belgium is very small you really have a choice :)
This year I'm planning to attend a few of them :) what's cool is that you can volunteer to get free tickets! I did that last year for Couleur Cafй in Brussels, so I got to see UB40, Sean Paul and other nice bands :)

 The people let's talk more actively somehow about music.......