Talk Talk Talk


 Dear participants!!! Let's speak English here and discuss interesting topics!!!
For example: what is the best present for teachers on first of september? Is it a real party for them?

 The best present is sincere one, everything else doesn't matter. And it's no party for teachers. At least this September 1 was far from being called a holiday. To have lessons on this very day is something not that pleasant, both for teachers & pupils.

 Did you realy have lessons on September 1st? How many? Because we hadn't, after festive line form-master took they pupils spoke with them and let them go, all other teathers was free.

 What can I say? Lucky you are! On that very day, after festive line, we had 5 lessons ((( Personally I had three ones. Only those teachers who don't have lessons on Tuesday could be free.

 Do your teathers and pupils say nothing about it? Propose new tradition like ours to the next year!

 It was useless ((( Our headmistress isn't the person to argue with. Of course no one liked the idea but we were helpless, if I may say so. Though frankly speaking it was the first time that we studied on the 1st of September.

 What a pity! I don't know what to say. Does she work 1st year? What about others parties, have you shot lessons?..

 Our headmistress is a very experienced woman & though sometimes (actually very rarely) I don't like her decisions, I can't but say that I RESPECT her very much. She does her job very well. And of course we have short lessons on some holidays such as Teacher's Day, Women's Day & others:)

 Oh, it's clear!!! What forms do you work in? Have you ever worked with longman book sach as "opportunities pre-intermediate"?

 The variety of forms I work in is very wide. I have the 2nd, the 5th, two 8th, two 9th & the 10th forms. Unfortunately, we don't work with the original publications. We work with such authors as Byrkun, Karpiuk & Vereshchagin. I'm eager to buy for my pupils something original but not all parents can afford it (((