Some live bits from the show (Audio/Video) Enjoy!

 Chris: So Dave, this is how the whole challenge is gonna work. We have five foods that will help stimulate your memory. Some you'll like, and... some you'll hate. Erm, alright, let's go with food number one. let's put food number one in front of you. Ok so put your hand in there. Ok, tell me what you can feel.
Dave: I feel little round things. Do you want me to say what they are? I'll put them in my mouth
Chris: Do you want to taste them?
Dave: What, do you want me to taste it?
Cahris: Yeah, no...have you ever tasted a kangaroo have you... ok, just taste it.
Dave: Ok, I'm...gonna try this. Now those, I think, are my daughter's favourite fruit - those are blueberries.
Cahris: We're gonna go for bowl number two - so bowl of food number two. Have a little play with that
Dave: I would say it feels like seeds of some...type.
Chris: Pumpkin seeds mixed with wallnut oil. D'ya wanna taste those?
Dave: Yeah, why not.
Chris: I told a lie. This is actually my beard shavings from yesterday with urine. Ok, let's go for bowl of food number three. Put your hand in and have a little feel around
Dave: At first I was thinking mushrooms. Now...I'm not a big fan of mushrooms. But I'm now thinking upon further feeling that this is broccoli
Chris: Ok, that is broccoli, you're absolutely right!
Dave: Would you like me to have some?
Chris: Yeah
Dom: Yeah, whole on
Dave: Not whole on!
Chris: And a bowl number four now, Dave. Bowl of food number four
Carrie: Oh, it's moving!
Dave: Oh shut up!
Chris: Dave, tell me what you feel
Dave: It doesn't feel nice
Chris: Are you gonna give it a squeeze or...
Dave: I think it's an egg...or some... I think it's a hard-boiled could be all sorts of horrible thing. I think an egg. Final answer. Egg
Chris: He is right. It's a cold boiled egg.
Dave: I like that
Chris: It's actually good for your brain
Dave: Do you want me to try some?
Dom: Yeah
Chris: Here's food number five. Put your hand in, tell us what you feel
Dave: It's kind of slimy
Chris: Smell it
Dave: is it fish or meat or...I'll eat's fish, isn't it? Or is it chicken?
Dom: How would you get fish and chicken mixed up?
Dave: I think it's fish
Chris: What kind of fish?
Dave: Erm...sushi?
Carrie: No. Eat some more
Chris: That's right. It's the famous sushi fish!
Dom: There goes the sushi fish
Dave: Is it tuna?
Chris: It's not tuna, it's mackerel
Dave: Mack...I was going to say mackerel! Oily fish. Apparently good for the brain.
Chris: That's right. That mackerel was found behind Aled's sofa...So well done. You have done your Brainfood Challenge!..Now we get to play a very...a different game "Who's gonna tickle Dave". Yeah? Ok, Dave, try not to flinch
Dave: This is horrible!
Chris: Careful, 'cause dave gets violent when he gets tickled.
Dave: I will...I will...punch randomly!
Dom: Who's doing that?
Dave: That is Aled and Carrie
Chris: Aled is filming
Aled: I'm over here!
Dave: It's someone with nails. Carrie or Pippa
Chris: Do you want to know who it is? It's Carrie and Pippa...
Dave: There you go. I told you!
Chris: are currently abusing you...Do you know what, Carrie, or Dominic, or Pippa, or myself. Let's whack it really hard on the back so that he'll never know who it was
Dave: Surely it's news time, isn't it? I need some more music
Chris: Do it harder, Dominic, harder
Chris: I love this! This is a brand new game "Who's wacking you on the back of the head, Dave". Someone from the show's gonna wack you hard on the back of the head and you're gonna tell us who it is!
Dave: OW! This isn't entertainment!
Chris: This is great!
Dom: You've just been hit by Carrie and Pippa...