Do and make


 Hello everybody!
You know that these two verbs can be put into Russian in the same way:"делать","сделать". But in English there's a difference between them and sometimes it causes a lot of problems. So lets help each other!

 To do one's hair, teeth

 to do the washing up))))))

 make smb do smth

 make a mistake
make a decision
do yoga
do aerobics

 To do the accounts.

To make a profit.

To cook the books!

 to do the nails :)

 to do research ;) This is what I do it all the time.

Btw here's a good example showing their usage (from LDOELC):
"What are you doing?"
"What are you making?"
"A cake."

 You use "make" when you start with one thing and finish with a product that is totally different from the starting material.

That is why you make a cake/wine/ tea/juice, etc.

 Svetlana - great definition!

 You can also say "make do", which means to put up with or accept something!

"They didn't have any beer at the shop, so I'll have to make do with vodka instead"

 W2, that's what we had to make do with at English Tuesdays last week, remember? Oh, I forgot, you probably don't remember...

 to do business
to make a first-class business

 William - Thank you.

to make smth possible
to make a noise
to make an effort
to make an arrangement

to do a favour
to do one's best
to do the shopping


 There are some phrases with 'do' and 'make'. Hope they'll be useful)

to make an agreement
to make a bed
to make a phone call
to make a decision / make (the) decisions
to make inquiries
to make sense
to make a fool of smb
to make friends with
to make a fortune
to make fun of / a fuss of
to make a living / a mess / a mistake / a profit

to do a favour
to do (no) harm
to do (no) good
to do science (at school)
to do the ironing / washing / housework / homework

 Hi!!! I wrote some interesting expressions with make:

to make a good thing of smth
to make a date
to make a room
to make up for the lost time
make it up!
to make little of smth
to make much of smth
to make one's jack
to make the train
to make a shot
to make a long story short
to make a clean breast of smth
to make a rod for oneself

 Solinka, very useful, thanks. "To make a long story short" is very useful, especially if you have a tendency to waffle on for hours, and want to break that habit by saying something briefly.

 The definition about the starting material and the product you get from it is really great, but still there are some expresions difficult to explain and to remember:
to make the will
to make verses
to make a name
to make an assault
to make delay
to make a start
to make do :)

 to do crosswords
to do the painting (btw, this can be translated like "накраситься"?)

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