What have you heard or believe about American Blackmen?


 Can somebody help me to answer this question?

 do u mean Obama?


 no, I mean about all American Black men. It was a question from one of them

 i have in my group in university many foreigneres ... Hawk is from Nairobi (Kenia)..he is good guy...i know his friends...they are also good guys
but i guess this quation appered because Obama became a president
so it is not important who you it is important only that whose interests you present
p/s may be i wrong

 I've been living in the US for a while now.
They're the same people as anybody else. Some of them are really noisy and like bright colors (not all of them, though). They have a special accent (which is a bit hard to understand at first, but then you gonna get used to it) and their own type of fasion...but not all of them fit into this rule. all the people are different, no mmater if they're black or white