Lexics in groups


 Hello dear CoolTowers and CoolEnglish readers!
I need your help badly)Do you know a good site specialized in upper-intermediate lexics in groups? I mean a group, for example, "weapons". And you get a list of them=D Thanks beforehand ^.^

 Daria, I believe you are talking about thesauruses (some people say thesauri) - just google 'thesaurus' and you will find a kazillion free web sites.

 A kazillion? How much is that?!
It troubles me slightly that the first category you thought of, Dasha, was 'weapons'! Are you planning to start a war?
Anyway, I'm not sure you do need a thesaurus. You just need vocabulary, yes? Lists of categorised words? This website''s in Spanish. But it's very detailed.

I just came across it in my test-book)))
Thanks a lot!

 One of my favorite ones is Merriam-Webster's Visual Dictionary. Check out their weapons section at visual.merriam-webster dot com/society/weapons dot php

Close the topic. Full stop.

 Svetlana, simmer down now, each to his own as they say.

Freedom of speech!!!
And a bit sense of humour will go a long way!
I think you tend to be a bit selective with how you respond to comments from different people. You surely have your favourites who you always treat nicely.
The way you responded to my message is not particularly polite. To me it sounds more like an order.


For someone who lives in an English speaking country, unlike 99% of the people here, you should have a far better perception of tone in language than you do. But you don't; you don't understand whose message sounds offensive (yours) and whose sounds patronising (mine; I'm allowed to sound patronising as it's my group, and the people here are like my children).

And if I was inhibiting your freedom of speech, I would have deleted your message, not commented on it.

You think I'm selective? You're right. Those who ofend others get told off. Those who don't, don't. Simple selection procedure.


 Well said sir, but I would like to add that 'offend' is spelt with two Fs, not one. Looks like it's 2-2....

 Hot darn!
Clearly getting hot under the collar there, wasn't I? Fear not boyo, I'll catch ya...

 Ladies and gentlemen, and those bored enough to be following this little altercation, I'd like to apologise for this strain on your nerves. It is not our policy to remove people from the group, so I guess we just have to put up with this kind of thing.

Svetlana has got her knickers all in a twist about being asked to be a little less rude. One of our moderators removed her latest comment from this page, fearing it was unnecessarily unpleasant. Indeed, it is. But in the name of free speech, I'd like to return it to the board for all to see. Maybe when Svetlana has calmed down she might reconsider her words:

"You may be the editor of the Cool English magazine and think that you can be patronizing (this shows your selfishness) but you are not superior to me in any way – neither in appearance nor in education. The only tone I can hear in your message is racism and intolerance to other people. I am surprised that you were made the editor! Your peasant NZ upbringing does show up ( and thought of yourself as a posh pommy ).
I am going to write to your boss at either Cool or Hot English magazine and send them your message. They may be interested to see who and what you really are – an ignorant, obnoxious and arrogant NZ peasant. If you were a well brought up, well rounded and educated person you would have been treating everyone as equal, with respect and not putting me down in front of everyone. I was not really communicating with you personally for you to intervene and write unpleasant comments to me.
I am not going to ignore your stupid message and lack of any manners. It gives me so much pleasure to write you the reply you deserve. Do not think that I am going to read your comments afterwards.
I have a new phrase for you - from hero to zero."

Well, I challenge anyone to find racism or intolerance in any of the above. I'd also like to hear about parts of the discussion which show how I consider my education and looks to be superior to anyone else's. As for my "peasant NZ upbringing", I'd inform Svetlana that I was not brought up in or anywhere near NZ. I have family there, but I am British, and was brought up in the UK and Europe.

As for "...treating everyone as equal, with respect..." that I do, and always have done. Moreover, as most Brits, I support the underdog, and like a good policeman, when I see injustice being done, I step in to stop the aggressor. This is not the first time I've had to stop you from attacking people here. Therefore it follows that you by your own actions have been embarrassing yourself in front of everyone.

"I am not going to ignore your stupid message...Do not think that I am going to read your comments afterwards." Oh, Svetlana, do make your mind up.

Oh, and you were mentioning contacting my boss - please do. His email address is william [@] coolenglish . co . uk

And you can't imagine how much pleasure it gives me to have phrases coined after me. Thank you, I take it as a compliment.

 William, Svetlana's message that you quoted, that's a joke, right?

 I guess no one meant any harm or offense to each other and there was just an emotional miunderstanding..

 No, completely serious! I was shocked!
...and I like the idea of an emotional misunderstanding. I'm going to use that one with girls from now on. "No, I didn't kiss another girl, it was just an emotional misunderstanding!"