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 Well chaps and chapettes, it's high time we touched on the trickiest topic of all. Starting with four letter words, and ending with blue language, this is the swear words forum. Bring it on, motherfucker!

 what is BOTHER?

 WHJ, I can't believe you put this up! I told you not to drink that Armenian brandy at work...
Vika, 'bother' is a very very inoffensive and old-fashioned word, similar to 'damn', but even less offensive. I think William put it up there as a joke.

 Hm, it's funny that it's us who should pick the word :) Are native speakers at odds over which one is the rudest of them all? :)

Anyway, I choose 'fuck', but I must admit I'm a bit tired of that word, we all probably need a new one and a tougher one.

Speaking of swear words, I would like to introduce another subject and ask you a question: do you subscribe to the idea that Russian swear words are stronger than English?

 This is a question we get asked all the time!
Russian swearing is obviously more developed and multi-faceted: there are simply a lot more swear words in Russian than there are in English. That said, I don't think that English swearing is completely devoid of emotion: there are some fantastic ways of manipulating English swear words to produce some great phrases and constructions.

 I'd say there's only one really, really strong swear word in English - the last one in the list above, which I'm not going to write, because if my mother ever found out she'd probably have a heart attack! However I think the strength of English swear words totally depends upon the emotion behind them. So, if you said someone's a bit of a bastard that probably isn;t that strong, but if you call someone that to their face in an emotional state.. well, then it would be pretty insulting!

Also WHJ, I can't believe you put this up either!



Why... why am I waking up in my office in the mid afternoon with a very dry mouth and a thumping head...? And what are all these rude words on the shminternet?

 It is indeed the word I started the discussion with!

It's pretty rough, you're right. It's not one I like to use at all though. I don't personally find it very rude, I think it's more American than British.

 Try to call a group of people from Africa: hey, blacks! And you'll realize that it's really rude for them... ;)

 Yes, many Americans consider the word 'motherfucker' to be the worst. But I don't think it's that rude, I just don't like the sound of it. It's so closely associated with Afro-American humour (which I don't enjoy at all) that it sounds rather odd using it as a Brit.

 Can't believe cunt is ahead of fuck by only one vote!

 Fucking unbe-bloody-lievable that's what it is.

 cunt is the rudest and most meaningful

 Oh... I've found a gap in my knowledges! Swear Words!!! I can't answer the question, 'cause only 1st three words are well-known. To my shame. Or to my civility... Gggg... *<:-D

 Civility, Rucci, swear words are naughty...but can be great fun. I bloody love Russian swear words. They're so expressive!

 And what is fucktard?...

 A contemptible person, an idiot. Probably a combined form of fucking retard


 and what is whore?
I'd say that such words as cocksucker are not even words! U can just make them up, that's it! why couldn't I say horsesucker or goosesucker or whateverelsesucker?

 whore = slut = such a woman...who sells herself :)

 Love 'em!

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